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  1. I currently feed my bristlenose on zuccini and cucumber but was wondering what else i can use ?
  2. Hi

    Ahh isnt that refreshing...someone that admits they have an addiction.......we all do some just havent aknowledged it yet........hi and welcome By the way if you re into plants next month some time ,im unsure of the date bu5 it will be posted at some stage theres a fish auction at springwood and theres usually a lot of plants there, caboolture and springwood ones are everything fish related, the others are fish only.....the dates will be posted in the general section
  3. Title says it all,,,,,,,,cmon no keeping it a secret so you can get all the bargains
  4. QCG Auction 13/10/18

    @Craigo, plenty of bristle nose,l numbers,plecos, insane amounts of gupoies ,some really nice ones too,,,,all in all a pretty wide spread of fish not as many cichlids as i would have thought but then again maybe the lovely weather we have had over the last 48 hrs may have stopped a few sellers turning up,i know 3 that werent there, a few faces in the crowd that are regulars didnt turn up either, finished about 10.30,,,,,,next one is closer to you Springwood state school i think @tdj5yeh nice to meet you too,,,only 1 problem you keep bidding on the fish i want,,,,,,,,im just a lowly bricklayer and i wish to renaame it the its always friggin raining coast,dont recall the last time i worked up there and huey didnt send down a few bucket loads of rain Im thinking of trying to sneak a few tanks past the minister for war,finances and interior design nazi too ,may have to be a gradual process
  5. WTB freshwater angelfish

    @fishking had some advertised ,just scroll down and find his add
  6. I was going to say theres a heap of different tetras such as cardinals,rummy nose,neons,black widowsas well as a multitude of other small schooling tetras, but mr black ghost knife are really good at sucking the eyes out of the smaller ones at night,when they get larger the tetras seem to just dissapear,,theyre pure assassins.so now you have paradise fish,rams,gouramis,,silver and platinum,and pink kissing gouramis,different catfish,mollies,congo teras ...there is a heap more but i just cant think of them at the moment Id get on livefish and look through their listings and see what you like then chase the fish you like in and around town Or better yet tech den s website ,his fish are always pretty healthy so if ypure out caboolture way i would pop in and see them
  7. Your ammonia and nitrates could be high which would make the fish flash against the glass or gravel your tank may still be cycling still or even going through a mini cycle...its sort of like they are being poisoned......or As was mentioned above the fish may have ich...or whitespot which is easy to fix and usually comes about after fish have been moved or are stressed..immediate medication is important and will fix it...after that if the tank perameters are fine and theres no sign of whitespot it gets more difficult to work out..it could be gill fluke which if it is the fish will more times than not be breathing through both gills and 1 gill will be clamped shut
  8. QCG Auction 13/10/18

    Just a bump so people know the where,when,and why
  9. We knew,i think someone sent out a search party but they never returned
  10. @msc0433 i m pretty sure he has a colony and is getting rid of some...pm him..he is from around albany creek
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  12. Yeh as @Rod said fine gravel is best for the health of your cory's bordering on sand is best .The trouble with larger gravels is it damages the barbels on the cory cats