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  3. copper sulfate based chems will destroy the snail population, but thousands of snails might pollute the wated any plants you buy you can copper bath them before placing in your tank, or salt bath them if the tank isnt being used at the moment , boil the substrate , that should destroy the eggs too after buying new plants i usually place a lettuce leaf in an old fish food container over night small enough that fish cant get in and eat the leaf, and pull it out before lights on in the morning ,you will soon collect heaps of them some times its just easier to ditch all the substrate and start again any driftwood maybe heavy dose a drum with salt and soak it seachem make a copper based remedy that will also destroy the eggs loaches do an ok job but all except the largest have a bit of a hard time cracking mts shells
  4. Scomo probably imports his home grown food from europe,,, the gpgs will be fine did the plecos breed in the billabong?
  5. your tanks gold roughly 250litres each so youre holding about 1500 litres so a 10000 litre an hour pump would work only catch is what your head height is, thats how high above the pump does the pump have to push the water. so a pump that pumps 10000 litres at 2 m is going to work better than one that pumps 10000 at 1 m ,at 2 m its capacity might be 7000 litres . dont cheap out especially if youre planning on breeding as you will need to have better turnover to accomodate the extra bio load caused by the increase in stock levels
  6. hey smicko, how many microns is your fry powder, i got baby killies and sometimes struggle to find stuff smaller than 300 microns Wardleys use to make some real good powder but no one is importing it and not much wardleys stock around lately from my usual haunts
  7. I know theres a couple of guys around breeding some really nice l numbers and im doing my best to get some breeding sized killifish going and theres a heap of people on another platform selling some nice stuff, facebook wont let them so we have other options now and the bitchyness isnt there jodi lea from fishchick is still selling some of the nicest bettas going around
  8. Ive found giving carona or any other alcohol isnt beneficial to breeding fish, no unexpected babies after a night behind the filter while drunk
  9. @Grover65k if your daughter wants silver perch and red claw, try Australian native fish enterprises theyre located at Kallangur, just make sure that the perch and redclaw are within their natural area ,apparently theres fines for not obeying these rules their website gibes you an approximate stocking rate for all live stock into dams
  10. no...be the first ive missed in 4 years daughter finishes work at 8 and the wife is trying to be human at sandstone point tavern at the concert....how dare she try to get a life
  11. @tdj5 thats why im a bricklayer, we dissolve if we get wet
  12. as far as i know all are auctions, i just took the photo at the caboolture auction when it was stuck up on the screen
  13. auction dates for this year, this may not be a complete list but iits a start @gingerbeer sticky this if you can
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