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  1. i never had any problems with plants only no good for plants that are lowering their salt intake due to high blood pressure tho from memory i think sodium levels in tap water are about 4 mg per 100 ml
  2. grover,if you keep roaming the country the poor gpgs will think youve found another fish
  3. billfish

    queensland cichlid group auction

    they dont need viagra in ipswich...theres enough unsavoury types out that way already
  4. billfish

    queensland cichlid group auction

    ha you cant even gert the guys running it to tell us when it is...what chance is there of finding out whats planned to sell as for buy.......killi fish and some community stuff to keep the missus and kids happy
  5. after trolling the internet and not javing facebook i finally found out when their first auction is for the year.........13th April ipswich vigaro club and still no word on when the qfas auction is....cmon someones gotta know these things.....
  6. billfish

    Finally Setting up a Marine Tank

    Hello @grubby long time no see ,good to see u back on here
  7. billfish

    IG pool into pond fence question

    a pool is a pool, they wont make any excemptions if its being used as a pond @Grover65k is using his pool for giant gourami's....he would be the one to ask im guessing he has a thread on general aquarium section called billabong bayou
  8. next auction date???????? someones gotta know.......it should be qfas auction nothing is listed on qfas website more than 7 days notice would be nice whatever happened to it being posted in the announcement section
  9. look in the livestock trader section
  10. heres part of a fish compatability chart green is good tankmates orange is caution red is disasterous discus can and often do go well with angels but it can end badly as angels feed much faster than discus do and can mean they dont get the food they require
  11. billfish

    G'day, what's this fish?

    there is an established feral population of 3 spot blue gourami in the Ross River,Lower Burdekin River ,Sheepstation Creek.....maybe its one of them
  12. billfish

    last nights auction

    and i was gunna tell you where to get your hands on some killies..oh well ur outa luck now
  13. well i couldnt get there due to only getting date conformation 7 days earlier.... so what was there? any bargains? what was the turn out like? and most importantly.....were there any killifish there?
  14. billfish

    Live plants

    can get some weight that wrap around the base of plants until the roots get a hold in the gravel...just dont wrap them tight as you may damage the roor stock of the plant and do what @bluebelle said theres also plants like hm or hc..i cant remember which one it is that you can get already attatched to metal gauze as far as soil goes im not sure but would imagine you would have to put soil down then put a covering of fine gravel over the top to stop it dirtying up the water maybe proper lighting and fertiliser for plants may be a better option.......then theres co2 which helps growth immensely. ....ive only ever messed with home made co2 units never the bottle and regulator type some plants really do boom with co2 @bluebelle seems to have a good run with plants ..personally i would bend her ear a bit
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