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  1. sick cichlids.

    Please post exact water perameters so we know what they are..ph ,nitrites,ammonia,nitrate, harness and any others i cant think of right now Saying theyre ok is like going to the doctor and zaying youre not feeling well and telling them nothing else..when in reality youre coughing up blood ,having seizures and your vision is getting worse
  2. sick cichlids

    Sounds to me to be either nitrite ,ammonia spike or lack of oxygen . Do the fish have damaged or sore gills If its oxygen adjust or add a spray bar and angle it across the surface to create surface movement Nitrites and ammonia should read zero...its pozsible after your last water change the tank could have gone thru a mini cycle and its re establishing itself Did the tank go cloudy after last water change? Did you do a complete clean out of the filter media in the canister or wash it out with tap water?tap water would have killed the bacteria in it ,and all new media would mean there is minimal bacteria so your filter will need to re establish its bacterial colony which is almost like starting from new What is the ph .maybe the cichlids were all stressed from the ph being incorrect and the deaths are a result of that.A ph change of .1 iznt just a little change in perameters,ph of 6 for example is 10 times more acidic than a ph of 6.1and 100 times more acidic than ph of 6.2.....same equation for ph above the nuetral of 7.0 Is your ph the same as it was before your last water change
  3. Pregnant platy

    Yep she sure looks like it...i would do it now....dont think she has long to go
  4. BASa are just Mekong river catfish. grown in sewerage pools in the mekong river catchment,which is considered one of the most polluted rivers in the world its banned in the U.S.A. from being imported because of suspicions that its full of unknown antibiotics the meat is reportedly full of heavy metals ,chlorates, isomers ,hexachlora benzine the fish contains no omega 3 and fish in the wild grow faster than farmed species that have growth hormones so i wouldnt feed the fillets or pellets to my fish,,,would u? as for eating it myself,,,i wouldnt eat mud sucking bottom feeding catfish that comes from our relatively clean waters
  5. Plated tank

    Thats my theory too
  6. Maybe he is defending his so called territory , ive read on numerous occasions that if you change the tank around it could stop it as the piece of turf he regards as his is no longer there and territories have to be re established.....
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  10. In the past i used metal kitchen cabinet handles ,both the round knob style and the long ones,just a drop of silicone under each and theyre done
  11. Aquarium sand

    It will be interesting when mr fisheries does a vehicle check and finds hes raping beach sand from fraser gunna need to have sold a lot to recover the fine he will cop when environment and heritage get involved,,!they fine people as hard as the e.p.a.... im all for people making a bit of money on the side but personally i wouldnt touch that sand In the scheme of things hes not large scale and doing no real harm to the island ,as more sand leaves the island each day in the surf than he can take ,but is it small scale environmental vandalism ,thats everyones opinion to form personally i wouldnt touch it ,im no tree hugging greenie by a long shot people breaking laws is why we are in the predicament we re in now with access to fish species to fill our little glass boxes time to get off my high horse .......... still check out the landscape yards Nuway at Burpengary sell white silver sand if i remember rightly 1/4 cubic metre costs about $60,, to $70 which is about 350 kg ,,bag the rest and make some cash ,,, I know nuway at mango hill sell it by the bag aswell,,,cant remember the price but i should imagine it would be cheaper than 30 per bag,,,,my guess is 10 to 15
  12. Haighs chocolate...i hope youre alergic to it....then u can send it my way...my fave chocolate store growing up
  13. Loungerooms are for tanks right?

    If its got 4 walls a tank should go in it If it doesnt have walls ...a pond
  14. Aquarium sand

    Fraser island sand ehhh not as far as i know....sand mining stopped on frazer in 1977.. Fraser is heritage listed so being able to get sand from there as far as i can see is near impossible .. but im willing to be proved wrong. I think the only sand that comes off fraser is in the carpet of your 4 wd Ive been a brickie for 25 yrs and have never used fraser sand..our pure white sand either mined on straddie or byron bay..straddie mining stops next year Other option is pit sand but make sure its pure pit sand not a blend....The blend usually has loam in it and that will create a beautiful shade of mud look in your tank....pit usually has from a slight yellow to grey look.. .a simple way to tell if its blended and not straight pit is to grab a handfull of some with a bit of moisture in it and rub it between both hands...pure pit will not leave a dirty smudge on your hands just sand cos therez no clay content in it..a blend will Still make sure to wash either sand as there will be some floaties and impurities