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  3. my biggest hate is when you buy fish unseen from interstate and theyre not the same as the pictures shown,,or a breeding colony of 20 that has 1 female
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  5. elon is in north carolina....dont think they would travel here for a gutter replacement
  6. John has been playing this game for a while,,,,nothing is worse than no shows and they dont ring to say anything, not as though we have to look for a phone box anymore.just inconsiderate asses, Muck me around once , u dont get a second chance
  7. Damn only 100 million to people you dont like! how much for people that dont like you or your bragging about your vette.....im just jelous Love that guitar betta
  8. pm me with what you got and prices,,want something new just dunno which ones
  9. Strip the female and put the fry in growout tank
  10. torf pellets are just pelletised peat moss ,peat is used to help soften and lower ph of water, as well as a spawning matter for some fish.
  11. what level is your nitrates at ph 7 that is neutral so alkalinity will be low, you dont want high alkalinity unless your playing around with cichlids,my tap water is ph 7.2 i use rainwater to drop it to below 7 on water changes high nitrates can be caused by over feeding, over stocking,
  12. Its just jelousy in most cases the green eyed monster brings out the most interesting personalities
  13. some people are just pharkin idiots, let them go to a lfs and pay retail, dont need those in your life if they dont enhance your life they have no reason being in it i had a guy from here a few years ago come to pick up 5x4ft tanks, then started mouthing off about a couple of breeders that have more than proven they can breed fish, saying how they do it the old way and its stupid i have dealt with both of them and told him to piss off back to the gold coast without the tanks,i wasnt dealing with him, he was going to ruin any reputation i had on here as i was a c... to deal with ....my comment was go for it my only reputation is for being an asshole. and i would name drop him to the breeders....still waiting for him to man up and ruin my rep....bloody 25 yr old 4 weeks out of mummys basement and already knew all
  14. no body knows yet, depends when we are allowed to put a lot of people in a room due to that stupid covid but they usually start mid February
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