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  1. as far as i know, it was at the last one a couple months or so ago
  2. Bugger having a big horse, further to fall when youre drunk
  3. Rummy nose, cardinals, and congo tetras are my 3 fave tetras
  4. now if youre comparing 002 with 397 theyre closer 397 have more squiggly facial markings and have a white band between their orange and black on the fins and 002 dont...002 are also more brown than orange
  5. i meant non tidal waters....too much beer when writing that one......
  6. Cast nets and hoop nets like the ones used for hardiheads are illegal in tidal waters Any legal traps must be taggedwith your id or thefisheries will lighten yourcontents of your wallet
  7. Ok, u can have the apistos, rams might be a different story or l numbers
  8. Get a square bait trap 100x better than trying bottles and use raisin bread with a smear of vegemite Puddle hopping is a great way to see whats around and just cos theres nothing in one part of a creek doesnt mean theres none 200 m away Theres that many crimsons in the creeks around albany creek and out to dayboro u wont need to buy any
  9. i can get them online, i would just prefer to spread a bit of cash through our group first
  10. does anybody have any microworm or white worm culture they are willing to spare a statrer of, name yoir price, or i can trade some vinegar eels
  11. cmon jase, u ve been here long enough to know how to find where someone lives...and not stalking them either...that gets me..i mean people in trouble location says Beerwah
  12. Was thinkin the same thing cant even find pics on international sites
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