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  1. billfish

    New Member_Planted Nano Tank

    cardinals are my favourite tetras , theres always rummys as already stated or i dont mind black neons or hockey stick tetras either
  2. billfish

    New Member_Planted Nano Tank

    hi and welcome, by the looks of it the piece out of his head seems to be healed over ,so it will more than likely stay,,,i doubt its genetic so if your rams breed at any stage the chance of passing it on is slim to none. the only thing about your setup is the heater may be too large ,100 w is usually for about 100 litres and when it turns on may give you temperature spikes which could be detrimental to your fishes health....just keep an eye on the temp and see what happens
  3. billfish

    Micropoecilia picta

    was just looking at fishchick aquatics u tube videos..there was some on there..check out their facebook site and ask
  4. message @bluebelle, she usually has something in her plant tanks up for sale.shes out wamuran way from memory but she posts plants ,just pay the postage.....
  5. sold....thanks Lucca
  6. as title says, i know about mosses and anubias, was wondering what my other options are,and whats the best way to attatch them?
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  8. billfish

    What would you call these Discus?

    a turqoise and a red turqoise would be my guess
  9. billfish

    Fish farm in QLD

    is that a question,statement or do you own a fish farm that has lung fish?
  10. billfish

    Auction soon?

    usually someone posts the dates on here..the queensland cichlid group fb page usually posts something....i think they have a calender on theirs which will tell u when their next one is
  11. hey @gingerbeer arent the leichardti,pearl and jardini just Australian saratoga,wheather they can be imported back into the country if they are isnt the point of the question,just curious about the species
  12. pretty sure it would be criminal,especially considering its a breach of our quarantine laws
  13. was that one siezed or are they allowed in ?