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  3. Hey grover....the billabong needs one of these......im thinking of getting one to video natives and ferals in the local creeks....seems a better option than a go pro its only about 100mm long and has remote distance of 5 m ..means i dont have to get wet slipping on rocks to retrieve go pro......again
  4. Aussie community tank

    Pacific blue eyes
  5. Angels and Discus

    If youre going a planted tank ,pick carefully ,my angels destroyed nearlt every plant in the tank. they didnt destroy the java fern or anubias
  6. Angels and Discus

    Ive seen it done .....would i do it myself? No...angels eat faster than discus so the piggy angels will get a majority of the food,the wrong angel thats a bit skittish could upset the apple cart and stress the discus,,,but hey its been done before and will be done successfully in the future
  7. next auction date please

    Anyone got a date and venue....even qfas website doesnt show it
  8. a few dead shrimp :(

    30 degrees is too high drop it to 24 ...high temperatures can kill fish and shrimp
  9. Hi and welcome. There may be some answers in the native fish section ,just scroll thru the posts.otherwise@grubby or @rainbowrunner may be able to lead you in the rught direction
  10. New fish tank HELP WITH FILTER PLZ

    I think your tank is cycling....,look up the nitrogen cycle,16 litres isnt much water so toxins can and will build up fast ,do a 50 percent water change and that will bring it under control temporarily....what is the levelz of your ammonia nitrates and nitrites that will tell you if the tank is cycling or not.......
  11. New fish tank HELP WITH FILTER PLZ

    As @johnbetta said an air driven sponge would be my choice ,as a bonus the shrimo will feed on micro bits on the filter too,just remenber to get a check valve for the airline so if power goes off therez no chance of back syphoning water back to the air pump
  12. QCG Auction 13/10/18

    Hi @gingerbeer long time no speak,whats this no tank rubbish?pull your finger outand restart your addiction before withdrawel symptoms set in