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  1. I nearly fell out of the recliner 10k at 8 cm must be hiding some drugs internally and arent they mostly vege eaters?
  2. sometimes it feels like about 156 years but no im at about 35 to 40 yrs
  3. cmon pony tail 56 years is long enough
  4. theres a few guys around that have them and occasionally theres some up for sale
  5. @bluebelle usually has some nice plants up for sale too , she more than likely knows a fair bit more than me
  6. dont know about the ph bit but the ammonia and nitrate bit could just be your tank cycling and the dead plants decaying and that could be screwing with your levels too....what were the chems they sold you?
  7. those lights i pointed out arent top end but not basic either , i rhink if youre getting flouro tubes you want something in the 6000 to 7500 kelvin range, i think theyre triphosphourous globes pronably marketed as daylight there is also red ,blue and white globes available in t5 tubes , cant remember which colour does the plant growing bit how deep is your tank, you may be able to get a t8 flouro in an led globe to suit ive had the t5 units and they held up ok and plants did grow but nothing like the led units promote, my opinion is save some cash, do it once, do it right or check out the trader section @sparks has a 3 ft full spectrum mml lifht for sale on there what size is your tank its going on?
  8. look up make my led, or look at a the forums sponsors theyve all got some pretty crazy tuneable leds,but dont be standing up when you do ,,theyre not cheap i had fluval plant and a fluval aquasky the aquasky is programmable from an app and am seriously thinking about a mml flora sun with sunrise sunset wifi controller ive seen the results of all the lights and plant growth is pretty astonishing , i cant compare all 3 tho as some of the tanks had co2 running which helps some plants a lot apparently the minister for war and finances says i have to wait til january for the mml light,,,,,,bloody christmas spoiling my fun
  9. @ROAR99 was looking for a 5 footer
  10. @aquaholic99 vinegar eels arrived today.....thanks again
  11. dunno if hes still around, i thought about it once in one of my drunken moments of insanity.....theres a heap of info on it on google
  12. wow your goldfish could breakdancr,all i could train my fish to do was base jump wothout a parachute
  13. when this forum was raging there was about a million years of knowledge, not saying that the knowledge still isnt there it just takes a bit longer to get the answers you want so many of the guys the got out of the game either due to costs in running fish rooms or age ,or purely from life and situation changes others sell on facebook because of the ease of selling there. but facebook no likey selling live animals so people have moved on to another platform now which seems to be working pretty well. anyway just ask anything is what i was originally going to say,,the answer will get back sooner or later and dont forget to cycle that tank
  14. its only a guide but just google the fish you like and their care ,most the time it gives you water perameters like ph,hardness and temperature
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