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  1. @msc0433 has longfins,unsude if hes got any up for grabs at the moment,message him ,hes at eatons hill
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  3. yeh drop the i phone in a litre of petrol and get an android ....can u crop pictures on them?
  4. i ve already posted this but this is just to bump it back up
  5. try @ssdiscus shaun has some really nice stock
  6. Caboolture and springwood are plants and all other stuff,
  7. there is a god,,,misguided but atill apparently a god heres the auction dates for the rest of the year can a mod put these dates in the amnouncement section
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  9. @Julio_13, not picking on you at all ,this one is for the purchaser petricola and cuckoo cats are not the same in case they want to research breeding them , they both breed differently
  10. If youre adding stability every day ,the water will be cloudy as that stuff takes up to 24 hrs to clear you are getting a bacterial bloom at this point,tanks always cloud up during this process,once it clears the process of cycling is just kicking off i think your problem might also be the fact that the bacteria has nothing to feed on so its not growing bacteria isnt in the water its on surfaces,gravel,ornaments,glass ,heater, plants ect. I was always told dont gravel vac your tank while cycling it cos youre sucking up any bacteria You are basically getting ammonia then nothing to break down the ammonia to nitrites both of these are toxic to fish you have to get the nitrites to break down and get a nitrate reading before your tank is cycled even after you add your fish you wil get some sort of ammonia spike as the bacteria in your tank is baically set by how much there is to eat,not enough food the excess will die off ,so as you add fish extra bacteria has to grow to meet the demand of the new amounts of waste in your tank but its only a temporary thing and will rectify itself, at this point tho i do up my wter changes a bit for a couple of weeks , not size just regulariy seeding your tank with an established filter and squeezing the crap out of it works, so can adding a bit of substrate from an established tank, or anything that has surface area such as ornaments or wood if you can borow some from someone to give your ank a kick start will all help,dont let any of the introduced stuff dry out tho as the bacteria will all be deadi always sprinkle a bit of crushed flake in the tanks each day while cycling as the bacteria will feed on the uneaten food and start to establish
  11. the cichlid club has one in october,,,caboolture should be before that
  12. ok Ekka is here,,,so when is the next Auction?????????????????????????????
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