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  1. @Grover65k did bash become part of the billabong adoption agency
  2. if you measure in cm its 60x30x30 ,to work out volume of tank its length x width x depth ÷1000 ,comes out at 54 litres as for a filter ,i would either get a hang on back filter ,but they can be a hastle if you have lids on your tank or an internal filter, i would aim for one that does atleast 4x tank volume per hour as a minimum i usually aim for atleast 8x but in a 300 deep tank that could be a bit hard as they will get too large
  3. depending on what youre trying to divide off , ive used fly screen material and framing, or core flute
  4. sweet @Grover65kchange of target now i can sneak onto the billabong and catch some plecos unless them killer wood and fibreglass eating goldfish are still sharpening their teeth
  5. i havent forgotten what they look like, ive been eyeing yours off over the fence,bloody hard to use a fly rod to retrieve them with that cover on it,,,maybe wait til summer once the water is. rystal clear
  6. do you already own the light or have access to one? get a lumen meter off your app store for your phone, theyre prerty close to what some lights ive tested them against
  7. doesnt seem to be many cpds around at the moment and i dare say the unavailability of flights to import fish may be to blame
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. making sure you dont overfill your sump is a big thing, you dont want power to go off and water to drain from tanks back to the sump and overflow all over the floor
  10. ebay,plumbing supplies, bunnings just remember if you buy 25 mm fittings for example that is the pipe diameter you will need to measure the thread diameter as it will be about 28mm, the other thing is making sure you go slow and keep the holesaw lubricated and dont put too much pressure on the cutter or you may crack the tanks, i usually cut a hole in a piece of ply the same diameter as the hole you are cutting and use that as a template so all holes are in the same spot on all tanks and not too close to the edge.
  11. personally i wouldnt use the bunnings racking for the rack, i know it says 1000kg ive got it for racking in my shed and think 1000 kg is over rated, my tank racks were made from dexion pallet racking, basically the same as what bunnings stores are decked out on, you can buy it second hand and a 2400 bay will be 2 tanks wide and then your plumbing will be so much easier .which ever way you go i would still put s base board down under the tanks and paint it to water proof it, i used the yellow tounge flooring ,and painted it and covered it with black plastic, probably over the top but the board never bowed from water, just sit tank base foam on top of the board
  12. welcome back,the lure of water changes could be ignored no longer
  13. yep dennisson is the man hes built a few of my big tanks over the years
  14. @Grover65k why not have the system hooked up to tarriff 33 then it runs for about 15 hrs a day and costs you 18c per kw instead of 28, or is that not a viable option cos of the scoria bed
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