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  1. jusr out of curiosity what are the ammonia,nitrites and nitrate reading, ? and temp and ph ammonia is more toxic at higher ph and temp as the unionised has a more toxic presence. unionised ammonia is the toxic form
  2. dennisson has built 5 or 6 of my larger tanks over the years...only reason i didnt mention him is hes southside his tanks are freekin awesome and i would not go anywhere else for anything out of standard small tanks, his finishes are spot on , would definately be one of the most respected big tank builders in qld
  3. either go to a aquariums r us or shops like smiths aquariums carry g&j maher tanks
  4. a cheap tile wet saw will cut the slate i got some slate tiles off gumtree but a lot of floor tile companies will have some
  5. you can but theres multiple holes to drill in the tanks and looooots of plumbing to run the down side is if you get an infection in 1 tank it can spread through the whole system
  6. i can vouch for @bluebelles plants ....well and truely worth it.....i will be chasing some more soon
  7. you can try 7fishes allfish2u livefish natsfish if theres nothing local
  8. i tried counting them but there was these bloody big pink things in the way
  9. there was an acrylic 1300 long one on gumtree yesterday and was marks favourite price......free but was up near noosa
  10. you will have to ring @butch50 if you wanna find out
  11. that only works if your blender rotates in a clockwise direction clockwise seperates the hydrogen from the oxygen, but its opposite in the northern hemisphere
  12. im still trying to work out how to stop my water mixing as to thread title,, then i can have hard water loving fish on one side, salt in the middle and soft water on the other....the koi are just there for security reasons and to lick the glass
  13. @raycam01_audont let the other half find out something is licking your koi
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