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  1. @JByeh , ive always worked on the theory your reputation is only as good as your last deal, so i try to do decent deals and not rip any one off,,,a lot of times to my own detriment and have probably ripped myself off a couple of times
  2. 2 or so,months ago i was told about a guy from Victoria that had l144 short fin bristlenose,apparently he was getting out of the hobby, i was chasing some new blood for my group, the pictures i was sent showed really dark yellow and was told the sizes and price per 10 fish , plus shipping , any way deal was done, cash sent was told it would be the following monday after he recieved the payment that fish would be freighted as it was his next day off work ,fish arrived on the wednesday morning and the missus put them in the tank til i got home to check them out on the friday once they arrived like a dik i deleted all his account and details off my phone,,,i had the fish, none were doa, they were the last of his fish so i wouldnt need his details again.....so i thought well now i was farkin annoyed , most of them werent any darker than some of the light looking coloured albino bristlenose going around they just had blue eyes there was a bout 5 or 6 that can be used as breeders by myself some werent even the size stated plenty of males all around 5 cm and maybe a bit more,,,,,,female numbers were extremely low now im in a dilemma i dont want to give the fish a dose of clove oil , theyre not deformed or anything, but in good concience how do i sell these on to other people knowing that im not happy with the quality and people may want to breed some, maybe just sell them as individuals , im at a loss, ive given some males to a friend who i know isnt interested in breeding fish but i realistically would like to reclaim some of the cash, i know im going to be out for the freight cost this clown went by the name of Riccard, now his mobile goes straight to message bank , have since found out it happened to another person about a year ago, same name, same location, just different mobile number....im thinkin he just gets a new pre payed sim card after doing some dodgy dealings
  3. i havent used them, but checking they are the right kelvin rating would be my first step
  4. It sure is a fungal growth Go get some pimafix from your local pet store, i know petbarn sells it
  5. Its a bit of a hike but,aquarama at stafford have shit loads of livebearers and usually keep the colours seperated
  6. floating plants will help to cut the light down cos it definately sounds like its way too bright ,how big is the tank and what is the kelvin rating and wattage on the light, cos some blue light is marine
  7. It was green ginger wine and i would blame the golfish
  8. Cool, so u must be Paul from caboolture then
  9. i was at aquarama stafford today and i spied some sml ones in a tank marked common bristlenose
  10. Time for a submersible speaker and a bit of Barry White
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