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  1. sometimes theure on gumtree for sale, or if youre keen you can buy eggs and grow them out ,probably not for a novice tho
  2. as youre the other side of the river i have no idea who will have some ,most stores will get you some in , if they deal with ,Aquarium industries or with bayfish directly if you look on either of their websites you can find the current stocklists , bayfish at the moment seem to just have males and i think only gardneri gold in pairs , I would only get panchax, like the golden wonder or aphosemiom species as a beginner with killies , the annuals like nothobranchius species can have an extremely short lifespan some as short as 3 months if you just want males you can mix any of the aphos, the females all pretty much look the same and will all interbreed, so if you want a single species buy pairs, Gardneri variety theres about 6 strains with gold versions of them as well, and most of them will lay eggs in the tank on a spawning mop or moss type plants and aphos dont usually eat the fry , panchax will of the aphos my suggestions would be Gardneri australi, gold, or chocolate striatum, as they seem to be the most readily available...feeding them is easy, micro worms, frozen blood worms, and brine shrimp as well as blackworms,, they also love mosquito larvae....shoot me a pm if you want any more info like temp and water perameters
  3. @tdj5has no friends so hes on the hunt for new ones.....hahahahaaaa
  4. What week is your pay week? I will find someone to organise it for the following week....less competition for me
  5. oscars grow at a crazy rate, so eventually them bristlenose will fit in its mouth, and oscars will try and eat anything that will fit in its mouth, and as the bristlenose have nasty spines the chances are it will get lodged in its throat, which in turn ,COULD kill both of them, im not sure how fast jd s and green terrors grow, oscars can be pretty laid back withcother tank mates til the day something flicks a switch then chaos takes over make sure you have plenty of hiding places for the fish,both at this stage and as they grow
  6. Females dont get bristlesup the middle of their nose just on lip I would call the 2 in the middle photos female purely due to body shape but......better pics in water from directly above would be better Females are wider at the pectoral fins and taper back from there, males look longer at same length as their bodies taper from the head , the head is the widest point
  7. the biggest sump you can fit in your stand
  8. algae problems are usually caused by too much light or lots of nutrients, i would get a test kit and check
  9. aquarium central on the sunny coast would be where i would start...they have had them
  10. not a legal import as of 10/2013 at rhe same time they were placed on the IUCN red list as a vulnerable species they may have been an allowable import up until that date so they could be in someones fishroom in a dark little corner
  11. @QldMickgum tree wood is brilliant, never used green wood just aged stuff, its the leaves that leach eucalyptus oil that can cause turmoil, hence why ive never used anything that isnt aged/seasoned/dry..dont know if the oil would be in the timber of green wood
  12. as John who owns Tech Den is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to plecos and has bred lots of different ones i seriously doubt he would sell wood that will kill your fish, and if it was leaching poison all of fish would be floating , i have bought gold vine, mopani, and other wood from there over the years and not had a problem, and as he is a sponsor on here , and has been active on other forums he would have been called out if others have had the same problem
  13. rtc s get bloody big too remember....they will probably destroy anything that the gpg wanna make you could always get one of these and just attatch it to a pole
  14. jusr out of curiosity what are the ammonia,nitrites and nitrate reading, ? and temp and ph ammonia is more toxic at higher ph and temp as the unionised has a more toxic presence. unionised ammonia is the toxic form
  15. my first 2 by Dennisson were a 1m cube and a 4x4x2
  16. dennisson has built 5 or 6 of my larger tanks over the years...only reason i didnt mention him is hes southside his tanks are freekin awesome and i would not go anywhere else for anything out of standard small tanks, his finishes are spot on , would definately be one of the most respected big tank builders in qld
  17. either go to a aquariums r us or shops like smiths aquariums carry g&j maher tanks
  18. a cheap tile wet saw will cut the slate i got some slate tiles off gumtree but a lot of floor tile companies will have some
  19. you can but theres multiple holes to drill in the tanks and looooots of plumbing to run the down side is if you get an infection in 1 tank it can spread through the whole system
  20. i can vouch for @bluebelles plants ....well and truely worth it.....i will be chasing some more soon
  21. you can try 7fishes allfish2u livefish natsfish if theres nothing local
  22. i tried counting them but there was these bloody big pink things in the way
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