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  1. none of the lists ive seen about plant lights list the aquasun light i would look at the fluval plant 3.0 or look at an mml plant light
  2. the aqua one light , just check you havent got a marine light? theyre about 13000k light where as a plant tank light is about 6000k
  3. hes on another social media site a few of us are on, just seems to want to trade for other l numbers more than sell his stock outright, not that i blame him for that
  4. try @sej66 sue said she had males but im sure if you talk nicely,beg,praise her,and build her a bronze statue she might be able to source a female or 2 the only guy i know with 134 females at the moment wants a key to the perth mint, be made prime minister and an unlimitted lifetime supply of rum....blòdy rum drinkers shouldnt be allowed fish
  5. that sounds like you guys are talking to Brandon Gilbert
  6. @Merkinater was looking for some earlier this week.try him
  7. most tetras that are torpedo shaped and some rasboras are easy to sex... males are thinner and smaller females are less streamlined.......wonder what the wife would say if we were game enough to tell her she is less streamlined
  8. @Grover65k i asked one of the guys i know as it turns out its the emblem from an xa falcon 500 hardtop superbird
  9. i remember something similar but pharked if i can remember where from....then again its a ford so it doesnt matter anyway
  10. what colour is it? white can mean an internal parasite dark can mean constipation its caused usually by not enough fibre in the diet. you can feed him /her blanched shelled peas or epsom salt bath @Aquaholic99 would probably be the person to ask about the dose and best way i think its 2 teaspoons to 20 l water but i cant remember at the moment
  11. looks like a ram to me oh yeh hi and welcome
  12. Dennisson has built all my 8x3x2 in the past and my 1m cube..cant fault anythIng about his tanks ,as your tank is under 2 ft off the shelf ones are fine other option is a G. Maher tank and the only place i know that sells them is smiths aquarium at Boondall but you could probably ring G Maher and find out who else distributes them
  13. most of your gourami will top out at about 10 of so cm i would stay away from angels if you have a planted tank with delicate or fine leaf plants if youre going to get cories make sure you have fine almost sand like gravel as coarse gravel will damage their barbels i would consider cardinal tetras glowlight tetra head and tail lights rummy nose black neons harlequin rasboras scissortail rasboras dwarf gouramis bristle nose clown loach your usual live bearers.mollies,guppies,swords rams or bolivian butterfly which look like rams just bigger marble hatchetfish 6 or more paradise fish rosey barbs tiger barbs , more than 6 or they will harrass other fish instead of fighting amongst their selves if youre going to put bristlenose in put some wood as they need it for their diet these are just fish ive had and like ,not aĺl at once in the same tank to maximise the tank and not overcrowd one level in the tank get fish that live in different levels of the water column, catfish inhabit the bottom level, anything with upturned mouths usually inhabit the top level and so on
  14. keysborough aquarium would be where i would start. i think theyre called new life now
  15. the only plan worth having is to wake up tomorrow this side of the turf, the rest just keeps u on your toes
  16. can catch rhads in north pine river between samford and dayboro car park next to the bridge, and just walk to where you want to set your traps, but make sure they are marked with your id as ive been checked on by fisheries
  17. theres plenty of knowledge here, @grubby @QldMick would probably be sources of native info
  18. @gingerbeer if you want a starter let me know ill send some your way most people that dont like to use them reckon theyre too hard to separate from the vinegar solution and you can go away for a couple of weeks without the culture crashing ,as long as the eels can get oxygen and they dont smell like microworms, wouldnt mind finding a source of banana worms or walther worms just found out today from jodi lea from fishchick how to culture micro worms from scratch, gunna give it a go and see might document it all and post results if it works
  19. advertising on facebook with live fish will probably get you banned of shut down for breaching their guidelines
  20. @Grover65kwhat about 1 of these. apparently will do up to 100 000 litre pool
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