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  1. Hi mate 


    How much will you take for 5 congos tetras .. maybe a pair of kribs ... maybe take the rummy nose also 




    1. aronshab


      Its very hard to catch the fish out of the tank with the plants in there and trees. If you happy to wait untill i sell that stock off i can come back to you with an offer, or vice verser an offer for me.

      But ill need to try to sell at least the HC off first ( golden vine i could pull out )

      if i get no offer to take all the stock i will come back to you as first pick of the fish you requested

      Regards Aron

  2. Hi Guys Can anyone recommend good quality **** if possible see through *** plastic tubs to be used as small plant growing tanks. im going to setup a project in the cavity above my main tank ( its in a cupboard) will build a solid shelf to take the weight of a few maybe 20L tubs and ill have main tank water pumping up into them then gravity fed through them back out to my main tank. Will have LED lighting for them. Just want to know if anyone is using plastic tubs as sumps or fuges or even small tanks.. Regards Aron
  3. Oh i have HM already going crazy in my 8ft tank. but i was thinking something around 2ft shallow slow water in and out with a high light. and more HM or some other fast growing plant. was also thinking red, blue LED strips i read that somewhere about an algae scrubber using red and blue led strip lights.
  4. Hi All Previously I had a saltwater refugium as my filtration and i pretty much swear that it helped my marine tank look the way it did. Could the same thing be done with freshwater tank but have it act more of an algae scrubber as in location for algae to go crazy. Regards Aron
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