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  1. Dam shame, wonder what they are going to do with all the stock??? There was a LOT of fish there.,.. not easy to move all that stuff?
  2. Just went to visit leanne and shop is closed and advertising aquariums alive on the window... wtf is going on there anybody know?
  3. wow stunning shots mate, you have some collection there! Have any of them bred for you yet?
  4. Awesome fish mate, very very impressive. Those orange lupis are sensational coloured.
  5. Yeh i have the same sump pump. It does omit a bit of a vrrrrrr noise i guess you call it. I wouldnt say its a LOUD pump, but it is by no means silent or quiet that is for sure. I have mine downstairs and if it was my upstairs area i'd have to find a quieter pump i think... I guess u can't expect silence for 130 bucks. Let me know if u do manage to quieten it down..
  6. Small shot, will try go get bigger 1 soon.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. mate it wont be ph, be very surprised if it was. By the sounds of it could be parasite or disease, are the gills red or inflamed? Does he have any indications of sickness like white spot? I'd try salt and probably meds to help him. 50% water change with salt will be a good start IMO.
  9. Drilling tank hole $15 Bulkhead with strainer under $20 easy. I got mine from all about pumps in bundall... Your mad doing that other idea... its a bit nuts.
  10. hahaha, yeh i was setting it up at night time and was gettin around in just me jocks LOL. Might change that 1 !
  11. Quick update, tank is kicking butt and now i have the time out tank ready for fry or naughty fish lol. Plumbed it up last night opened the valve and away it went .. very happy. some pics
  12. Hi all, water changes are taking too long on my 6x2x2 and im thinking of plumbing in an external pump to help it become a faster job. I'd like the replace 300litres a week (50% water change) so im thinking a cheap 2000ltrs and hour pump might be the go. Has anybody done this and would this type of pump be ok ? Plan would be to put a pipe halfway down the tank and then down to pump which would have a curled up outlet hose i could stick out the window. Process would be put hose out window and turn on switch.. then refil via hose. http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 0&catID=13
  13. Thanks for the shots of the sump mate, very impressive. I had to use a water trap on top of the dacron / drip plate to help with noise suppression. How do you find the noise from your 4 pipes? Great job.
  14. Great job mate, LOL trying to get malawi's to stay still for a decent photo... now thats a mission!
  15. Awesome tank mate, any photos of the sump in operation ? White sand looks great.
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