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  1. Some great little peps. Settled in nicely and chomping away on some peas and zucchini
  2. [MENTION=3726]grubby[/MENTION]. Many thanks the fish today and some helpful tips. Fish are settling in well.
  3. Tank looks great. Have you considered riffle shrimp for you tank. Get a few big females and most small fish wont go near them.
  4. My pond is covered in duckweed and thinking that might use a few africans over summer to keep it under control. Just wondering what would be the hardiest duckweed eating africans to get. Already have some platies and firetail gudgeons in the pond.
  5. Reef secrets at Burleigh have it $1.00 per five litres.
  6. Got these 3 you can have but im located on the gold coast. Biggest is about 38cm x 29cm x15cm
  7. The tilapia are throughout the system. Seen them just walking along the lake at the back of Robina town centre. Also barred grunter in there which im told are easily caught using worms as bait. The Robina lakes system connects to the salt water over near Carrara markets where there is a loch system to let boats come and go. Annually they were stocking bass but dont know if thats still happening. Heaps of fish in there but you mpstly only hear of the bull sharks in there
  8. If anyone needs some fishing practice then please come down to Robina lakes as unfortunately seems the tilapia are taking over. Saw schools of 20-40 small fish plus a few big ones whilst bass fishing this morning. A donut on the bass and tilapia.
  9. Easy my tanks are in the garage so its easy for things to come and go. Less seen the better haha
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Im going with 6 to 11 then 3 to 8. Got another timer so reptile tanks still have the one 12 hour period. See how it goes. Suppose the best indicator will be the growth of the duck weed. Actually looking forward to having some time viewing my tanks of an evening without a torch.
  11. I did think of that but thought if there is a problem in one of my tanks then I might miss it with the light being out.
  12. Just wondering if many people are running their tanks with a split photo period. Im out the door early in the morning and probably have 15-20 mins when the lights are on before I depart and generally arrive home after the lights have turned out. At the moment the lights are set for 12 hours from 6am to 6 pm. Now thinking lights on 6am thru to11am then back on again about 3pm thru to 8pm. There will be light in the room so the tanks wont be in complete darkness until the night time. Just after some thoughts and opinions.
  13. Try aquagreen they have a dry riparian leaves mix.
  14. Maybe go to your local shop and grab some feeder fish which generally are fire tailed gudgeons and start with those as a clean up crew. Assume if no fish life has been in the pond for sometime there would be a lot of wrigglers etc to be eaten by the new inhabitants.
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