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  1. the cichlid kid

    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    There was a bit of a discussion on here about this product a while ago (see below link) https://www.qldaf.com/topic/126611-splosht-pond-water-cleaner/
  2. the cichlid kid

    Eheim filter problems/tinkering

    Yep, you’re right, that pump definitely looks terminal. I understand you needed a filter ASAP. At least if you purchase another aquaball you know you’ll be happy with how it works. Maybe scout some shrimp keeping forums for suggestions as they are very mindful when it comes to shrimplets being sucked up by the filter.
  3. the cichlid kid

    Eheim filter problems/tinkering

    Out of interest, where did the cable break? (Got a photo?) it it may well be repairable
  4. the cichlid kid

    Eheim filter problems/tinkering

    If you loved the Aquaball, why not buy another aquaball from the UK (where they are still in stock)? They use the same power as us here in Australia. All you will need is a UK to AU plug adapter. https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/EHEIM-AQUABALL-INTERNAL-AQUARIUM-FILTER-SIZES-60-130-180-REPLACEMENT-MEDIA/152540627485?epid=1108192801&hash=item238421421d:m:mVDZ-23TTIpl84m_3my75_w Cheers, Beau.
  5. the cichlid kid

    Stocking experiment

    No surprise the cichlids survived but quite interesting that the female endlers were more resilient than the males.
  6. the cichlid kid

    Heater that has outside temp control

    There’s this from tech den https://www.thetechden.com.au/Aqua_Medic_T_Controller_Twin_Heating_Cooling_Co_p/am20025.htm
  7. the cichlid kid

    My pond build

    Gotta have some archers in there for sure.
  8. the cichlid kid

    Stainless steel pipes

    You can buy ready made stainless lily pipes. http://www.hinterfeld.com/chihiros-aquarium-plant-stainless-steel-13mm-inflow-outflow-filter-lily-pipe/
  9. Hey mate,


    just wondering who bought  your Manacapuru Angels? The reason I ask is I have a lone female I'm looking to get rid of (giveaway). I bought a pair from Fishchick aquatics but the male passed some time ago.





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  13. the cichlid kid

    butterkoferi Noxious?

    Is this true or are you taking the piss and I'm blind to the sarcasm? Not to sound like a tough guy, but if this is true what are they going to do if you refuse them entry? They aren't going to knock the door down, they would then have to contact the police to assist.
  14. the cichlid kid

    Hard to find Angels

    Not on your list but I have a female 'Manacapuru' angelfish that I am looking to rehome. Let me know if interested