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  1. Albino sailfin pleco, approximately 8cm long and very healthy. Will consider swaps for driftwood or lava rocks. Pick up Pine Rivers area.
  2. SOLD..... Thanks to buyer.
  3. @ozmo, are you still interested in swapping?
  4. Messaged you my number bud, communicate that way as i don't check this site regularly.
  5. Jeridre

    4ft RGB LED Light

    Sold...... Thanks to buyer.
  6. Jeridre

    4ft RGB LED Light

    For Sale:- $80 4ft RGB LED light, Beams work brand in excellent condition, like new with very little use. This light will make your tank pop in colour and vibrancy, 2 mode settings. Pick up only Warner.
  7. $50 for everything in picture except for the jerrycan. 5ltr jerrycan for size purposes only. Pick up Pine Rivers area.
  8. Jeridre

    For sale: $50 Lava rocks

    Sold thanks to buyer.
  9. Fluval led light for fish enthusiasts, this light is in very good condition and will make your tank come to life with a variety of settings that you can customize to your needs. This particular light retails for $200+ at retail outlets. Only selling cause it's not being used and just gathering dust, I am no longer in the hobby. Pick up only, Pine Rivers area.
  10. Sold, thanks to buyer.
  11. Jeridre

    Wanting opinions on media

    Marine pure is great, very porous & great for good bacteria growth. I've had it in my cannister for about a year now with no probs. Would like to try Macropore though, I heard it's like Purigen but cheaper.
  12. Hi All, I was wondering what everyone's thought is on how long beneficial bacteria can survive in a canister filter during power outage or a house move? What is the best way too keep it alive in these situations? All helpful advise would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. Jeridre

    Flowerhorn Quality?

    Hi Nathan, Do you know if they are from the same batch of fry, they look very similar? Quality all depends on good body shape, kok size (on males), pearling, vibrant colour & good scripting. I find that crushed coral substrate with a fairly dark back round helps bring out their colour, they also like a slighted higher Ph than most Americans. There are also great Flowerhorn food available specifically for them that enhance growth, kok and colour, but in the end it all comes down to their genes. Hope that helps a little. Cheers Jeridre
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  15. Hi all, For sale is a quality female Red Dragon Flowerhorn, approximately 17cm and is very healthy. Has nice script, nice pearling & great vibrant colour. Can send pics via text only as I can't upload pics on this forum for some reason. Pm me if your interested. $60 pick up only at Kallangur, north Brisbane. Thanks
  16. Jeridre

    Humphead Question?

    I don't think it's a deformity, most likely will still grow or in most cases most fish have slightly different characteristics, they're all slightly different. Also you mentioned that you have separated a male & female into there own separate tanks, have they actually paired up? Cause if they haven't your better off keeping all your Humpheads together until they pair up themselves. Let me know if you have any other questions, I used to breed them. Cheers Jeridre
  17. Jeridre

    Awesome moss on a wall

    Let me know aswell if you decide to sell. Cheers Jeridre
  18. Jeridre

    Awesome moss on a wall

    Where can you buy that type of moss in Brissy?
  19. To all the aquarium plant experts, I have a 50cm cube tank with plant substrate. Running a 100W Jager heater set to 26℃ and a Fluval 204 canister filter with a Aqua one 6W 48 led light. It is stocked with cardinal tetra's, purple harlequin rasbora, ember tetra's, pygmy cory's, endler gupp, L002 & CRS. The plants I have atm are peacock, java & flame moss, subwassatang, 3 x different types of anubias, Rotala macrandra, Hygrophila difformis & a few others. Ph is at around 7. I have just bought a Fluval CO2 88 kit and need advice on setting the bubble count per 10 sec? Do I still need to add fertilizers? How long do I leave it on, I have heard mixed info on this one? How many hours of light per day etc, etc & any other helpful advise that I should be doing. Thanks in advance.
  20. I'm using Microbe lift bloom & grow substrate which is meant to be good for planted tanks, what fertilizer would you recommend with this substrate Mick & how many hours a day do you have your light on? Mind you my tank is right next to a window and it would get at least 4 hrs of indirect sunlight a day. I'll also get the CO2 indicator next weekend from The Tech Den Veltor.
  21. Jeridre

    Cheap Chemicals

    Check the expiry date, if it has expired then probably not worth risking losing fish for it, especially if you have expensive fish.
  22. Hi peeps, I'm looking to buy a female Flowerhorn at least 15cm in size and must be on the north side. Let me know what you have with price pls. Thanks in advance.
  23. Jeridre

    Female Red Dragon Flowerhorn

    Any offers anyone?
  24. Hey Troy, Once again, you've seized to amaze me man. Awesome workmanship and great set up mate, something that some of us could only dream of. Well done on a top notch job 👍.