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  1. Yeah, 100 bucks
  2. Been looking into and researching reef systems and came across these the other day. These look super cool & expensive. https://www.hannainst.com.au/product/HI720/Calcium%2BHardness%2BChecker Available for a multitude of different elements
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  4. $100 1/4 is off peak part of the bill, all up use to be about about $450, per 1/4. Put on a 5Kw sliver solar system 2 years ago this month, so get the 50cent rebate, make about 28 kwh a day during spring & summer. Haven't had a bill since, in credit. 3 daughters (16, & twin 9 years olds), 1 son, that's enough females
  5. Is your hot water on off peak??, My hot water for a family of 6 (4 girls) is around $100 1/4, this includes running a my pool pump. Off peak is the way to go. What size solar do you have
  6. Good job Mick, great colour, your hard work has paid off .
  7. You also need to consider, if the base will hold the sump & yes removing the center panel will result in a failure of the cabinet
  8. .Just trying to help a fellow shrimpkeeper, just worried about all the light being wasted Think of all the extra shrimp that could have a happy home
  9. Looks cool, you know if you turn the 90 degree, put the filter on the ends, you could fit another 2 or 3 tanks under that light?????? can never have tooooo many tanks
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  11. ha ha, one of the best "feeders" i've seen for a while
  12. Hi Silverfighter. in a nutshell Depends of the type of shrimp you plan to keep. The 2 common shrimp are cherries (yellow, reds etc) or Taiwanese bees (CRS/CBS etc), with cherries being the easier of the 2 to care for. For Cherries Substraight- inert Eat- bottom feed, algae, vegs bio-film Filtration- dependent of number, but shrimp produce minimal waste when you consider a fully grown cherry is approx 30mm. I uses internal sponge filters Air stone- hot weather , water agitation is key Plants- moss for juveniles Read, read, read, Water perimeters (WP) is a topic of much discussion, some uses untreated tap water, others us RO water. pH 6 - 7.4 . Try and match your WP, with the person you buy your shrimp off, if unsure, slowly drip acclimate. People talk about keeping Red cherries in a bucket outside, no air supply, heater, etc. As long as you keep then below 30 degree you be fine. Shrimp do better in shrimp only tanks, all fish will eat shrimp or their babies.
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