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  3. gold severan pair

    I’ll go get em for ya and we swap something you may have that I may want
  4. Brisbane aquarium shops.

    Yeah sad times alright!!
  5. heater for 6ft

    When new jager 300w would hold one of my 1000lt at 27c but need 2 now I’ve had a few shogun 500w not sold on them tho
  6. heater for 6ft

    6 x ?x? It’s the liters that we need to know and not all 300watt heaters are created equal. Some can heat more water from lower ambient temps then others
  7. Malawi cichlids for sale

    Of what??
  8. Anyone had any luck with finding a decent heater that will last more then one year or 2 .... I’m talking to heat over 2500lt and 1000lt of water it’s like every year or other year they shite them selves or can’t be trusted when set to temps they all over the shop. Im getting a secondary thermostat but thats only good to shut them off no good if they won’t trun on LoL
  9. Straps!!!! And then your helping the weight over grass not taken the whole live load of your tank. I’ve never quite understood how come people need so many people to move things me and my bro moved my old 8x2.5x2.5 all over the joint..... I can’t help but think would be $$ and so much stuffing around cutting up ya tank ect
  10. scissor lift trolley bro hire one and if done the right way it’s pretty easy to shift big tanks
  11. Thank you from Bundaberg

    About all there good for!!
  12. American Cichlids

    African cichlids mate
  13. Hello! New to American Cichlids

    On QLDAF or bothering to tell anyone ..... I know at least 2 others.... there’s most likely still a few old skoolerz that don’t use computers lol
  14. Hello! New to American Cichlids

    Not really hard to come bye few people have them. Not many people keep them I guess because they are a one fish per tank type fish for most people size tanks..
  15. Hey everyone

    That drift wood will help mate but I’d be looking for stability more then constantly trying to lower ph