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  1. Thanks for the reply timmy but you're too far away. I Live on the southside.

  2. I'm pretty sure that looks like a male endler as that is one and Wingei is the scientific name for them.
  3. hmmm interesting. I am down sizing atm so i will see how i go with space. I have a male in my tank with a bunch of male tiger and red chilli endlers they look awesome together.
  4. Awsome looking fish . I love the albino true reds. I was looking for soome of these a few weeks back.
  5. Icb would be perfect. 1000 liter of fish breeding space.
  6. Thanks guys. I suspected shorter outlet longer inlet but I wanted to ask the pros.
  7. Just wondering what people options are? I have a external filter and it has to go down one end of the tank so is it better to have a shorter hose in to the tank or out of the tank? Does that put more stress on the motor having it a certain way? Thanks
  8. Thanks mate. I have goggled sunsets amd they dont look like the images on there.
  9. I have a intensely orange guppy with a yellow stripe down the side. I was wondering if its a certain strain of guppy or if it was just a mixed orange and yellow guppy. I got him from the pet shop months ago and the had a whole tank full of them all looked identical. Pics dont do him justice. I think the pet shop said something about sunset guppy or something. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Thanks rod. I tried that a few months ago with a tiger endler females and awesome orange males. Long story short I think the females were to young ,I am to impatient and I ran out of tank space. I am down sizing (again) So I may just sell off all my guppys and only stock the main tank with tiger males and bright females.
  11. Hi I was wondering if there's a strain of guppy the looks like a tiger endler. I have had a look at yellow cobra guppys but is there anything closer to a tiger endler? I have a heap of tiger enlers but I would like a stain where the female has some colour as well. Thanks
  12. Good on you petbarn224 it sound like you have some awesome plans in he pipe line. Hope all goes well for you.
  13. Hey mate have you worked in a pet/fish shop before?
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