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  1. Problem:- Discus fish has one Gill clamped shut, was rubbing on objects in the aquarium and darting about the aquarium the first two days I noticed something was wrong (only darting occasionally). The other discus are behaving like normal. The Discus that appears sick sometimes seems completely normal but then sometimes I'll notice him sitting at the bottom of tank leaning against wall. Has stopped rubbing on objects in aquarium since putting medication in aquarium, but one gill still remains closed. This discus is the leader of the group, he is the biggest and always the one that does any bullying. He is still picking on the other discus every now and then. He normally has a great appetite but hasn't been eating, he seems interested in food still and looks like he's trying to eat but seems to be struggling to get the food in his mouth. The only things that I have changed recently in the last month: - started feeding frozen tubifex worms, was originally feeding frozen food for discus but they went off it so swapped for tubifex worms recommended by shop keeper - on Christmas Eve another of my discus died, showed no symptoms was fine when I went to bed, went to feed Christmas Eve morning and it was dead. This discus was a pair with the discus that I have that is currently sick now. I tested the water when this discus died and noticed the nitrate was around 20ppm maybe a bit higher, so I increased my water changes to lower nitrates. Since doing this for about a month the nitrates have decreased but the ph has increased from 6 to about 6.8 so not sure if this could be the problem? Ph:- 6.8 Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:- 5ppm Nitrite:- 0 Gh:- don't know Kh:- don't know Size of tank:- 200litres Temperature °C:- 28 degrees Celsius Been running for:- 3+ years Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- fluval canister 306 Fish in tank:- discus fish, coydoras Plants in Tank:- none Feeding:- What food and How often - frozen tubifex worms, freeze dried blackworm, hikari discus pellets, feed one or two times per day Recent Medication Treatments:- blue planet praziquantel and aquarium salt Last water change:- Friday night, did big water change and cleaned filter before treating tank Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly - twice per week 50% Edited December 23, 2011 by FIIK
  2. I am interested in trying seachem denitrate to help keep my nitrates down. The instructions for denitrate state that it is only effective in a filter with a flow rate less then 50gph. I am using a canister filter but was thinking I could add a small corner filter and put denitrate in it? Just wandering if anyone knows if this would be successful?? Or of any other ways to lower nitrates in aquarium (other than water changes), I have been reading about the aquaripure nitrate filter also but not sure about it. I have five discus in a 200 litre aquarium and I'm doing daily water changes, if I don't the nitrates quickly rise to 40ppm. I have also added seachem matrix to my canister filter which seachem recommended I try but it hasn't had any effect on the nitrates. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Thanks Shaun - I do have some aquasonic paragone which has 32mg of trichlorofon in each tablet. I have been to scared to try it as it says on the directions that temp should be 25 degrees Celsius and I wasn't sure if that would stress them out? Is it ok to drop the temp to 25 degrees in a discus tank? I wrote to the company aquasonic and they suggested I try half the recommended dosage at first? Could you please explain poor water quality to me? If all water parameters are in check is it still possible to have poor water quality? Thanks
  4. You should check out the simplydiscus forum! A lot of members on there keeping healthy discus at pH of 8 or even higher!
  5. Problem:- I think my discus may have hexamita. I have noticed a few of my discus with clear stringy poo, they sometimes spit out their food and aren't eating as much as normal. I think some of them have gill flukes as well, have tried treating with praziquantel a few times but fish are still displaying signs of gill flukes plus now have clear stringy poo. Ph:- 6.4 Ammonia:-0 Nitrate:-20 Nitrite:-0 Gh:-8 Kh:-1 (have recently added coral to filter to help buffer water) Size of tank:-200 litres Temperature °C:-30 degrees Been running for:- 5 months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- fluval 306 canister Fish in tank:- five discus, four corydoras and some black neon tetra Plants in Tank:-none Feeding:- What food and How often . freeze dried black worm, hikari discus pellets,hikari frozen bloodworm. Fed three times day Recent Medication Treatments:- praziquantel Last water change:-today Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly. 50% twice a week . If they do have hexzamita what is the best treatment? Metronizadole?
  6. Thanks for the info - a few days ago I left a cup of tap water to sit for 24hrs and it did end up with a ph of 7.6. After I have added the aged water of 7.6 to the aquarium the ph sits at around 7/7.2 so I'm hoping this is ok.
  7. I would love some help with this ph question... Tap water ph - ranges between 6.6-7.2 Aged water ph - 7.6 Aquarium ph - around 7 I have been ageing my aquarium water for my discus tank as I thought this was best to keep water paramaters stable. However, I am questioning whether I should still age my aquarium water or just use water straight from the tap and not worry about ageing it (I always use prime). The reason for this is that my aged water ph is 7.6 but my aquarium ph is about 6.8/7. So am I creating more stress for the fish by adding water to the aquarium with a higher ph when I could just add water straight from my tap which seems to have a closer ph to my aquarium?? I have tested my tap water ph in the morning, lunch time and evening and found that the ph in the morning and lunch time was 6.6 and evening ph is 7.2.? Does anyone else experience fluctuating ph with their tap water and why does this happen? The kh of my aquarium water is about 2 which I'm assuming could be the cause of my aged water dropping in the aquarium. So should I either: A) keep ageing water to ph of 7.6 but perhaps do more regular and larger volume of water change which may help keep ph more stable? (I am currently changing about 30% of water every three days - which some people tell me is too much and others tell me is not enough) OR start using water straight from the tap and don't worry about ageing it as my current aquarium water ph is closer to my tap water ph then aged water ph? I am not interested in using any buffers as I am not confident with them and think it would only make the problem worse! Would love to hear thoughts!
  8. Thanks everyone!! I think I will ask my question about ph in a new thread! Darrell - thanks for sharing your idea with the pictures. very helpful!
  9. Thanks for the responses. I guess I'm mainly wanting to know if I were to start using the python, I would be using tap water which has a different ph to my aged water, so would that affect my discus in a negative way? I've read that discus prefer a ph below 7, but have been ageing my aquarium water to keep the ph and temp stable. So is it better to keep ageing my water which has a ph of 7.6 or just use water from the tap (I use prime aswell) which has a ph of 6.8/7?.
  10. I have a discus tank and have been using aged water when doing water changes. The other day I discovered the python no spill clean and fill on the the internet. My tap water has a ph of 7 and aged water has a ph of 7.6. Can I switch to using the python or would it be better to continue aging water? Was just looking for a easier way to do water changes!
  11. So I ended up finishing the sterazin treatment and it did nothing. I let a few days pass and did some water changes then did a treatment with blue planet gill flukes and tapeworm medication (praziquantel). The next day after the treatment all of them had white stringy worms coming from them! After 48hrs of medicating, the instructions say to do a 25% water change and clean filter media which I did yesterday. Last night I noticed one of the discus scratching his gills on some driftwood, went and had a closer look and saw he was breathing from one gill, then noticed a few more breathing from one gill. The directions of the blue planet medication says to repeat dose after 7 days. So my question is should I wait 7 days to repeat dose or do it now as I can see several of them are still breathing from one gill?
  12. Thanks Greg from tropical marine centre told me my ph should be 6.5! I phoned pet barn and asked if they had prazi and was told they don't stock anything like that. But now that you mention it I have seen the blue planet brand in there!
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