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  1. You will have a hard time finding anyone to give you cash. Most swap for store credit or similar. Aquarium at Caboolture usually take my extras. A Ultimate Games Room Sales 7/30-36 ****son Rd Caboolture South QLD 4510
  2. Looks like you will have to restart the cycle
  3. What are current water parameters mate? That is always the first place I start when something doesn't seem right with anything in my tanks. Do a water test and post results, could clear up problem straight away Also, with Oscars having "sensitive feelings" refrain from moving it to a different tank.
  4. I think I should start salary sacrificing to you and just pick up things I need every weekend... haha... see you soon!!
  5. I got one of these from John about 6 months ago... LOVE IT! Spotless tank, super quiet and easy to clean. HEAPS of room for media as well.
  6. Now, I know this has been covered 1000 times. But I am truly stuck on this one. I have boiled these pieces for about 10 hours now, as well as sitting in a tub out the back for 2 months... Now today I figure I will give them another little boil, but to my dismay, still BLACK. Have I got the wrong type of wood? Not patient enough? Heeeeelp
  7. Hey all, I have a mate that has moved to Perth and wants to get back into the hobby. Seeing as i have a swarm of mollies and bristlenose I need to get rid of I was hoping to post some over. What would be the best way to send some live fish that far?
  8. Hi All, I have recently got myself some Yellows, Hongi, Empress's etc.. Have noticed some of the Yellows and Empress with egg (i presume) under their mouths. Whats the best plan to save these little fellas? Wait till she spits them and try to catch, or move into a holding tank until she does?
  9. Hi all, Just after a bit of input to see what my options are here. After adding 2 x 3ft tanks and a 4ft I noticed quiet a large jump in the power bill. So what I was wondering, especially coming into winter, would it be safe enough for the fish to turn the pumps for sumps and canisters off for a few hours during the day. If I put them on a timer could run all through the off peak hours, then only come on for a few hours during the day to keep cycling water. Any input appreciated, especially from those who are doing something similar. Tanks that would be getting turned off are a sumped 3x3x3 cichlid tank, and a canister filtered 4ft community tank. Everything else runs off air and I don't think that pulls much power. Cheers, Keats.
  10. If your running a sump try putting as much dead coral as you can in there.
  11. Hey pal, I have put a bunch of banana lillys in my tank, fish seem to leave it alone and they look pretty cool on the bottom of tank. Also started getting shoots to top of tank, and a couple of pads. Looks cool having the green go all the way to top of tank and sway around in the current
  12. 2 people should be fine, as well as the 7ft trailer. Just make sure there is adequate padding under the tank to stop jarring. 1ft over hang wont sheer off so long as there is a mattress or thick piece of foam under glass. Forget the suction cups and head down to Clark rubber to grab some cheap/free foam off cuts to put in the trailer.
  13. when you next do a water change keep some water in a bucket. Go out and buy a new scrubbing brush and give it a scrub
  14. Anything for the cichlid change over as I will more than likely see you again this weekend... haha... with more little plastic presents
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