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  1. I feed them daily , once a day but alternate between a small block of mysis shrimp and a table spoon of cichlid crunch pellets the next day. I have noticed one of the fish is greedy that has this condition. I have backed off the cichlid pellets to a teaspoon this week and have decided to give them a day off food once per week.
  2. Hey guys , need help . Two of my usually healthy looking 7 bar Frontosa look like they have a bloated tummy . Is this over feeding ? they havn't bred yet and I'm wondering if this could also be the start as I'm sure both are girls. Any help from other breeders would be appreciated !!!
  3. OK ill try the heat gun on this one I made with spare foam for the centre of the tank.
  4. thanks Donny Next time I will use slurry . Its going to cost a fortune with membrane allthou it looks ok
  5. 1st coat , used 3/4 of a litre of membrane. looks good but the cement slurry may have been a better option !!!
  6. Awesome I didnt think about using spray foam on mine for texture. I used pond waterproofing membrane which is non toxic. Do you have to use a clear sealer on the render ???
  7. Thought Id post my little project I started today to anyone who is interested in doing this. It cost $15 for a hot wire cutter from EBAy . This broke several times but managed to get away with it . Also the terminals were rusted so I had to tape the batteries into place on a clean spot. The foam cost about $7 a sheet. I used 2 sheets for this 2 foot job. The waterproofing (sandstone colour ) cost $20 for a litre. I reckon Ill have to go back and buy a second litre thou. Plus a tube of silicone (Neutral cure) I am wondering if anyone has done this with cement and water slurry ????? Comments would be appreciated but I will paint this today. Do you need to seal cement ?
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. CYNOTILAPIA ZEBROID HAI REEF YELLOW TOP 4CM are being advertised on FB "Innisfail aquariums" if thats any help
  10. Some coming into cairns in the next week or so. (In quarantine right now) Will get details soon
  11. Yeah there are a few good places but limited. There are a couple of breeders that sell from home and a shop or two that have cichlids at times. You guys have the best place is the one in behind Stocklands. Last time I was there a few months ago they had awesome fish in there.
  12. fish and chipps that don't actually taste like real fish !
  13. Awesome Mark ! Hope the 3 I got from you turn out like him , They are doing well ! Would love to see you stripping them one day
  14. Hey guys , Not sure what this guy is . Confused about Tangerines and Dragonbloods ?
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