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  1. Sold, thanks to buyer. Pleasure to meet you.
  2. Yes, still available. Showing great colours already.
  3. Melanotaenia praecox: Neon Rainbow - juveniles for sale. Have 12 juveniles size 3-5cm ready for sale. Asking $8 each or take the lot for $80 Location : Sunshine Coast No shipping. Pick up only. Please bring your own bucket.
  4. This is a flag cichlid, probably mesonauta insignias or festivus. Cichlid from South America.
  5. I used to breed L dorsiger, closely related. Bred them in a 2 ft tank, rocks, plants, driftwood. But I added a few platys or guppies to the tank - they kept the pair entertained with protecting their eggs/fry. Once the little ones swam free, I moved half of them into a fry tank and left the other half with the parents. Worked a few times for me... But if I'd do it again I'd use at leat a 4ft tank.
  6. I think this chart is crap. According to this you can keep angels with barbs ( they will actually eat the angel's fins) but shouldn't keep them with south american cichlids. You can keep angels with quite a lot of south american cichlids. This chart is not even close to reality. I suggest you look for fish you like and then do a more detailed research to see if they are compatible. I keep angels along with geophagus, sterbai corys and whiptail cats. No problems here at all.
  7. For this size tank Id go with 2 pairs of kribensis max. If you want to keep the corys, add a few more - they should be kept in groups of 5 or more. Make sure you have enough hiding spots and also visual barriers so they can sort out their territory. Danios or tetras - don't mix them. Danios are way more active than tetras. You can also stock up - 20 - 30 danios or tetras. Or get 2-3 groups of different tetra species (minimum 6-10 fish per group). Clown loaches should be fine with all the above. But don't expect many kribensis fry when you have loaches in your tank.
  8. Hi and welcome. Nice tank. I’m just around the corner - Lake MacDonald.
  9. How about an all natural way to attack snails? Get some tiger or pakistani loaches. Once they're settled in, don't feed your fish for 4-5 days. When the loaches are hungry they start eating snails. Used to work for me ....
  10. Nice fish , mate. but I think these are Kongo tetras, not rummy nose tetras. I like your geos, just beautiful fish.
  11. Thanks, raycam01. I know there are many options, just wanted to see what the forum brings up. Maybe I’m going for a Cory tank, or a few golden panchax. Got nice Shelly tank already. Still not decided yet. But ideas coming in now ....
  12. Thanks Cam07, but I'll stick with freshwater.
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