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  1. it's on hold mate. cheers

  2. Hey mate.

    Is the rack still up for sale? I'm not on the forum much so please forward number for ease of contact or just sms me on 0403935468.

    Cheers, Howie.

  3. Can I come get some shrimps? I'm after 11 please. 0403935468. Can pick up this weekend.

    Regards, Howie.

  4. Heya fishmosy. I'd take the l333 juvies if you can give them to me for a good price and since you coming up to see me anyway. Will you consider it?

    Regards, Howie.

  5. Hi Matt.

    Would like to have a look at the rack setup. Are you available this weekend? Please let me know as i'm interested. Hos does Saturday morning sound as I am heading to braken ridge and can stop by.

    Regards, Howie.

  6. How much for the l6?

  7. How much for the l397s?

  8. Hi muffin.

    How much for the lf?

  9. Hi litigator. Can come round for some plants? 0403935468. Howie.

  10. Hi beencees.

    What's wrong with the actual filter? It doesn't seal properly or is it damaged? What figure are you chasing for it? Would like to know more.......

  11. Just wondering if pleco will survive in the pond without airating or pump. Can anyone help me out with this?
  12. I've given green mango and they like. Last alot longer than riped ones.
  13. Have you guys tried jackfruit. I eat the meaty part around the seed but I feed the plecos the part that's thrown away.My pleco seems to like it. Can leave in the tank for up to 5 days. It seems the more decomposed the veges/fruit the more they love it. I've given the steamed corn too and they don't mind that either but can get messy. Best to soak in cold water for awhile before you put it in the tank so not to murky up the water. Haven't tried raw corn yet.
  14. Hi rayray.

    Can you do 200 for $30? If so sms me address.

    0403935468. Howie.

  15. Hi kikrman.

    What's the lowest you'll go for both the sailfins?

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