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  1. are these tanks still available? I am interested in both.
  2. Hi I am trying to track down some peacock gudgeon for my sons tank, I would be greatfull for any help.
  3. Thanks for the advise, have moved the female on and will try again with a new pair.
  4. The tank is a 2ftx18x18, I have lots of hiding places 4 bits of drift wood and lost of plants, she is also attacking the neon tetras.
  5. Hi all, My Apistogramma Agassizii Double Red Female keeps killing her mates! she has gone through 3 so far.. can any one offer any advise? She keep chasing them to the top of the tank and never lets up till they are dead...
  6. Dose anybody know a place that dose tank resealing, I need to get a 175L bay front tank resealed.
  7. Has this deal ended already? or dose it end at midnight tonight? anyone able to help?
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