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  1. kehw

    WTB - 8+cm L134

    Still after L134?
  2. let me know when you do another trim
  3. I would wondering has anyone made LED Risers before. I would like some but i am in no way a handy man.
  4. kehw

    2215 on a 2ft

    I have a 2ftx1x15 planted tank with a 2215 with rummy nose and harlequin rasboras flow is nice water is very clean. I would 110% recommend this set up. I do maintenance on the filter every 2-3 months and its not that dirty.
  5. kehw

    Moisture in jager heater

    I always have a spare heater for each of my tanks just in case.
  6. kehw

    auction this Saturday

    I would be interested in going. Anyone come near Lota on the way would not mind to chip in for fuel.
  7. I like Perhaps L134 or L397 over the peps? Also harlequin rasbora or serpae tetras would look nice as well.
  8. Just used the new website much easier to navigate.
  9. kehw

    Marine supplier Manly

  10. This is for a friend he wants a half circle aquarium. Can you get glass half circle tanks?
  11. kehw

    Let's see some keyholes

    I will try and get a photo tonight.
  12. Has/does anyone used these https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3349
  13. I have a 2ft tank with a eheim 2215 i picked up of a facebook group for $50. I also like Rummynose tetras just as much as cardinals and neon tetras. If your going planted get as as many plants as you can to start off with and ottos over bristlenoses. Also to help with cycling maybe someone close by can spare you a bit of media to get the bacteria up and going. As for maintenance. I clean the canister every 2-3 months and do 30L water changes every week. If that helps. I am still new to the hobby too. my stocking is a bit heavy but never any problems 10 rummynose 5 harlequin rasbora 1 hillstream loach 2 bn 1m & 1F 5 albino corys 1 pepper cory 3 ottos Hope this helps. Feel free to drop a pm.