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  1. Worms in tank

    Ohk, thanks mate
  2. Not sure if this is in the right section. I am re-scaping my tank a added a couple bits of drift wood and 2 days later i noticed all these worms in the tank. The tank is not running, should i be concerned about them? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey guys, just seeking some help. So I turned my aquarium light on Sunday morning when I got up and noticed a few of my tetra's were covered in white spots, I have never had this before so seeker advice from local pet shop who suggested using (ICKAWAY) and turning the heater up a bit, which I have done. Now I get home and notice that the tetra's are all good and spot free but my clown loach is covered in them, so I guess I'm asking is this normal? Should I be doing something else / extra? Sorry about the poor quality photo Thanks for the help Dougie
  4. Help with filter parts

    all sorted thanks
  5. Just wondering if anyone can help with sourcing a replacement tap for my AQUAFX 1500, tried a few shops and THE AGE OF AQUARIUMS but ant seem to find any where that sells the filter or parts. Ipswich / Brisbane Thanks in advance
  6. New Discus

    thanks, that photo is from the mate i bought them from, can't help with a full tank shot sorry
  7. New Discus

    Hi All, I bought these 2 discus off a mate, can anyone help me with what type they are? He said they both lay eggs up the cone so I'm assuming they are females. Thanks in advance
  8. Auction!!

    Hey Guy's, Just curious if there are any Auction's in Brisbane like the monthly Auctions that the NSWCS have in NSW? I heard there is but can't seem to find any info on them. Cheers
  9. Just wondering if anyone has tried apple snails in with Oscar's, I had an 8cm B/N in with them for about 4 months but woke up 1 morning to it half eaten. Any help or guidance would be appreciated, the Oscar's are around the 12cm mark (approx) Thankyou
  10. help

    Ok. Thanks for the help
  11. help

    Ohk. Why would he of kicked them out out for?
  12. help

    Hi all. Please help. I got a male to go with my 2 females and they have spawned already but the eggs are all over the floor so Im not sure what he is fanning Any help would be appreciated. thanks Dougie
  13. Hey all. Can anyone help me with venting yellow tail ace. I bought 2 males as display but it looks like they are trying to breed. Cheers
  14. recommended plants

    i bought some java moss as a trial run, its probably a stupid qustion but when adding plants do i need to mix water the same as when i add fish?
  15. recommended plants

    Thanks mate. I haven't had much luck with plants lol they get eaten or dug up lol