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  1. frontosarus

    Plated tank

    A bit random, thanks guys
  2. frontosarus

    Plated tank

  3. frontosarus

    Plated tank

    I started a planted tank in a little 20L tank, as its out growing that tank i have decided to move it all up to a 2ft cube and due to having a snail infestation i am rinsing all the plants in in doing so i have found this little critter. Any ideas on what it could be
  4. frontosarus

    Bulging eye

    Thanks for all the feedback
  5. frontosarus

    Bulging eye

    Spoke to age of aquariums and they said that because it come up over night that its more likely to be an injury than Popeye but I'm doing bulk water changes to get the ammonia down
  6. frontosarus

    Bulging eye

    Ahk, is there anyway of preventing popeye? 100L water change in being done now
  7. frontosarus

    Bulging eye

    Last 100L water change in my 6x1.5x2 was 10 days ago, Ammonia is 0.25 Nitrite is 0 Nitrate is 20
  8. Hey all, i have come home from work and fed my cichlids, whilst watching them eat i noticed the eye of on one of them is massive. Any ideas on what it is or how to treat it. Thanks
  9. frontosarus

    Random fry

    So i had an old 20L tank laying around so i thought i'd give aome plants and shrimp ago, I bought 10 shrimp and 4 bunches of plants from AOG about a week ago, just sitting there today staring at the tank i notice some shrimp fry but then i noticed this little fish just buzzing around the surface of the tank that i have never seen before.
  10. frontosarus

    New fish

    Not sure on all the species but the ones i know are electric blue, flame back, frontosa, electric yellow, pleco, mangano, venustus. I just seen the bigger catfish biting one of the smaller ones and clown loach has its color back
  11. I bought a new setup about a month ago, i have noticed in the last 2 weeks that 2 of my catfish have similar bites on their backs, also i did a 25% water change this morning and just noticed my biggest clown loach has lost all of his colours. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  12. frontosarus

    Worms in tank

    Ohk, thanks mate
  13. Not sure if this is in the right section. I am re-scaping my tank a added a couple bits of drift wood and 2 days later i noticed all these worms in the tank. The tank is not running, should i be concerned about them? Thanks in advance
  14. Hey guys, just seeking some help. So I turned my aquarium light on Sunday morning when I got up and noticed a few of my tetra's were covered in white spots, I have never had this before so seeker advice from local pet shop who suggested using (ICKAWAY) and turning the heater up a bit, which I have done. Now I get home and notice that the tetra's are all good and spot free but my clown loach is covered in them, so I guess I'm asking is this normal? Should I be doing something else / extra? Sorry about the poor quality photo Thanks for the help Dougie
  15. frontosarus

    Help with filter parts

    all sorted thanks