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  1. revamped the dimi comp tank 20 full grown Dimi comps in this tank 10 marble, 10 normal dimi comps +10 chimp red tropheous and 2 gold spot plecs about 24cm long couldnt find any decent quality twisted val so used black garbage bags instead lol PS sorry about the camera its dieing a slow death lol
  2. This is general question to see if any one else has the same problems. Does any one else have problems with their canister filters not producing enough oxygen and have to have a power head in their as well to produce enough oxygen for their fish just noticed it while my power head died last night
  4. Cuban won and the fight lasted longer then Danny Greens lol
  5. Let me just say this may be your pride and joy and all you maybe able to afford but Speaking from a Fathers point of view I would never ever put my children family in any chance of any danger! and that's what you have done, specially when the lounge is right in front off it what are you thinking off, don't be so tight get it fixed properly or use it as a reptile tank I think this one is nominated for the Darwin awards this year when it goes and it will go not if but when. I hope the people running this forum will pull it off and for future pics like these not to be showed more harmful then good again this is pure stupidity!!!!!!!
  6. only thing wrong with Discus is that the speakers and vibrations might make them to skiddish but very nice set up
  7. HI Herb heres the photos of LF new home and yes to everyone else I got them LOL (the big BOY) and both are already in the log fingers crossed
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  9. explain that one to the missus.. lol You dont have to explain because you already pushed her in because of the all nagging lol
  10. I can pick it straight away its called a feeder fish LOL hope that helps you out but it is a nice looking one at that tho was this pic of the net or at a shop that you went to?
  11. I would hate to carry a tank that had 19mm pannels all over at that size you would pull a nasty hemroid under the strain :irked:
  12. I disagree hybrids will always have a place in the aquarium I breed marble dim comps which are classed as a hybrid and I cant keep up demand they are less agro towards tank mates and dont grow as big as their cousins I feel that people should get over it and buy what they want all comes done to peoples choice for example some people like a poodle others a lab then some pefer them together and you get a labadodle which a worth a fortune heres some pics of my colony as you can see phtos tell a 100 words and why they are so high in demand
  13. Mate nice setup but not ideal for the female no hiding spots for her to run into so that the male cant get into try using milk creates as a base and build around it with rocks but leave some small holes for her to get in and he wont be able but make sure the milk creates are washed and come from a clean source like the milk man here’s some examples that I have done and just another note with those river rocks will be a nightmare to clean I know I did it once as well they store lots of waste under them and you get a lot of ammonia spikes from it
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  15. mate what are you doing to the poor thing puting her back in with him jesus :hothead: :hothead: let her recover for atleast 2-3weeks in her own tank you are doing everything right to kill her and it sounds like you dont have any cover for her to hide so he cant get to her in the tank to begin with and large female texas are hard to find so stop trying to put her back and a fry net is not enough room for her and they can starve larger fish of oxygen sorry to sound so blunt but it shits me when people dont stop and think :urgh: :urgh:
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