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  1. Hey mate i have sumbus im in ipswich. Also tropheus bembas
  2. I have a colony of 30 some have pale orange heads mostly girls. Dominate boys and holding females are very black though. Aaso have some with orange that runs through dorsal and some don't.
  3. yeah mate there steves bloodline sorry
  4. Thought id put up a list of what im breeding and tryin to breed sorry mostly Africans Thanks for lookin MALAWI Pseudotropheus Flavus Pseudotropheus Polit Pseudotropheus Demasoni Pseudotropheus Mpanaga Melanochromis interruptus Cobalt blue Electric Yellows Dimidochromis compressiceps Aristochromis Christyi Cynotilapia afra Cobue Cynotilapia afra Likoma Cynotilapia afra Hara Crimson Tides TANGS Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Enantiopus Kilesa Mabita Pearl Compressiceps Fire Fin Compressiceps Leptosoma Livua Tropheus Bemba Tropheus lufubu Americans Cryptoheros sajica L134 L031
  5. Sorry to hear man. They must be happy but. First time one of my A. Christi eyed just held was puttin her in her own tank and dam floor dived spat her eggs. :-((
  6. yeah I found that putting a sponge filter in too early is devastating lost a few batches cause of this especially in such a small amount of water
  7. I used to get them to breed in a pot. then id take out pot in a bucket of water chuck an air stone in with quite high bubbles positioned just outside of pot close as possible. Then id add a bit of multi cure and a day or 2 after hatching id turn it right down. later after feeding id add a nano or small sponge previously seeded in parent tank again on low flow. Genrally had about 80% hatch rate rest were unfertile or lost to fungus. Was working well till winter set in anyway.
  8. Hardly see them. Every time I look away hear a splash and food gone. Crafty buggers. Do have better colours kinda disappeared when I cleaned tank
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