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  1. L002 adult colony sold. L002 fry sold. L397 fry sold.
  2. 4x3x2 Reefy tank

    Got the L397 and L002 breeding like wild fire, so can't complain. Just wish the L134's get the hint and start sowing the seeds too lol.
  3. 4x3x2 Reefy tank

    Stunning tank mate. No wonder sex is best when salty
  4. Wanted Frontosa

  5. @johnbetta he may have solved this problem given the thread is 3 years old lol
  6. L397's on hold for @phagus Plenty of L002's left.
  7. L397 and L002 fry available:
  8. Fry available. If you are interested please send me a pm. Size is 2 to 5cm. L397: $20 each or 10 for $150 or 20 for $250 L002: $25 each or 10 for $200 70 available, pm offer if you want all. Young parent colonies still available for sale. No shipping available sorry.
  9. 5 ft tank and sump

    Bargain. Glws mate.
  10. WTB Demasoni

    There is a bloke off a Sydney forum selling a colony and fry. His number is 0467 266 272 and he says he can ship.
  11. Thanks @mick22 will be selling them soon mate. Biggest ones are probably a couple of weeks away from being ready.
  12. Decided to give my tank a big clean today and at the same time catch all the L002 fry swimming around. Ended up catching 73 little ones. Not bad for the first few spawns from the young colony.
  13. Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    I must tip my hat to you Ray and Sarah, everything you do is to the highest standard and is perfection. I'm not too ashamed to say... I love you guys
  14. I have for sale the following pleco colonies: **L397 breeding colony of 12 young adults. Unsure of male to female ratio but I suspect 8 males and 4 females judging by those that cave and those that don't. Take all for $800. **L002 Pleco breeding colony SOLD. Please note: I will not split adults you have to take all. These are young breeding colonies so I do not want to disrupt the group. Pictures are of the actual fish for sale however I could not get them all as some were fanning eggs or hard to catch. At this stage it is pick up only from the Caboolture area (4510) unless you know someone that can collect and ship on your behalf. Please do not ask to split the group and I will not hold (too many time wasters).