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  1. Blue moba frontosa

  2. Discus

    @raycam01_au has some awesome Discus, I'm sure you can sweet talk him into sharing some secrets
  3. Bloodworm for Frontosa

    Nope. Do not mix trophs and fronnies.
  4. Dither fish for Frontosa

    Agree with JB. Thats a definite no for mixing Trophs and Frontosa for me. Not only because of diet also trophs are just too boisterous. They will nip at the fins of the fronnies too.
  5. Bloodworm for Frontosa

    I have fed bloodworm once and sometimes twice a week for many years, never had a problem. I wouldn't feed it as a main diet but I combine it with mysis, brine, pellets etc to keep feeding varied.
  6. Bloodworm for Frontosa

    If I could afford it my Fronnies would get bloodworm, mysis shrimp, brine shrimp etc nearly everyday of the week.
  7. FS: 8ft tank and 6ft sump

    Marine eh? a distant dream for me.
  8. @monyb65 best to give Butch a call. Get a quicker answer.
  9. FS: 8ft tank and 6ft sump

    Great price thats why sold via Facebook though...
  10. SOLD I have a tank and sump combo for sale. Can sell individually or both together. The tank is a 8x2x2 (2400x600x600) built by Mick Ellis down on the Gold Coast. It has three 25mm holes on the back to plumb for a sump - I can include the bulkheads. It has a blue vinyl background and comes with lids. It does not come with a stand, fish, filters or ornaments. Tank only. It is 3 yrs old and is in great condition. Asking $300. The sump is 6x2x18 (1830x600x460) built by Pete from the Tech Den. This sump is overbuilt in 12mm glass and is solid as a rock. It has three chambers, first is for sponges and media, second is for K1 and the last chamber is for the pump and heater. I have a few bags of K1 equivalent media I can include as well. Will need a clean but is way too heavy for me to move outside by myself. This custom made sump cost an arm and a leg but I am asking $250. No pump, heater or media included except as stated above. Sump only. Both tank and sump are pick up only from the Caboolture area.
  11. Wtb 2ftx1ft tanks

    Jas have you considered the AoA tanks? 2ft x 1ft x 380 high. Brand new for $35? At that price why would you consider used? Only down is the travel.
  12. perhaps a discus tank you say

    @raycam01_au the plates look absolutely spectacular, kudos my friend. Just goes to show if you put the effort in you reap the rewards... so tempting!
  13. Hi Butch, Can I please buy one shrimp and have you personally deliver it to Caboolture, also can you use as many toll roads as possible at your cost Only joking of course. Thanks for the shrimp and weed this morning. Been a long time since we last caught up, great to have a chat. As always a pleasure to do business with you. Cheers.