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  1. perhaps a discus tank you say

    @raycam01_au the plates look absolutely spectacular, kudos my friend. Just goes to show if you put the effort in you reap the rewards... so tempting!
  2. FS 4ft Sump

    Sold and picked up. Thanks guys it was great to finally meet you both
  3. FS 4ft Sump

    On hold for @raycam01_au
  4. FS 4ft Sump

    Forgot to add the egg crate...
  5. FS 4ft Sump

    SOLD I am no longer using my sump so decided to put it up for sale. It's 1200 x 500 x 450 (LxWxH) and comes with a drip tray. As you can see by the photos it holds water and has three chambers, however you can add more if your heart desires. It has a 10mm black tinted base and 6mm sides. Wanting just $60. Pick up only in the Caboolture area. Best contact is via PM.
  6. Hi Butch, Can I please buy one shrimp and have you personally deliver it to Caboolture, also can you use as many toll roads as possible at your cost Only joking of course. Thanks for the shrimp and weed this morning. Been a long time since we last caught up, great to have a chat. As always a pleasure to do business with you. Cheers.
  7. I love these guys. What's going on Jas?
  8. Marine Fish available this weekend 08/09/2017

    Haha yes I know. John mentioned that he will be hosting a marine beginners day in a couple of weeks. Will go to that and ask a few questions. The pull of the dark side is strong!