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  1. Fry Savers

    @lloydashton sells Ziss. They look good, a bit pricey though. Its quite easy and cheap to make your own.
  2. wondering if these will x breed

    Put a large colony of Frontosa in there Just don't put two different Frontosa variants in there lol. I think @lloydashton has a shipment coming in soon!
  3. wondering if these will x breed

    Steve I had Lufubu, Ikola and Namansi (amongst a lot of others) in my display and can confirm that they all screw each other quite happily. My Namansi was seen getting jiggy with a host of males including those you have named. Personally I prefer to buy from breeders who keep one variant per tank, but hey thats just me. But as Lloyd mentions, if they are for display then have as many different variants as you want, just don't keep the fry.
  4. wondering if these will x breed

    In my experience all tropheus will cross breed. Some people say put a moorii with a black or red and they won't cross breed. Some people mix Duboisi with another and say they won't cross breed. However I had a display tank with a mix of nearly every tropheus you can get in Australia and I will assure you that they will all cross breed - I had hundreds of fry to prove. So basically its up to you. The way I see it, is that you are putting two of the same species together - then say nah they won't cross breed. Maybe you'll get lucky but...
  5. WTB Gold Comps.

    @tutters187 I think Stacy has some and she is at Morayfield.
  6. See @Richo72 and @jc12 ads. Plenty of peps going around.
  7. How come you are getting out of Trophs Jas?
  8. New tank builder- Gold Coast

    All of my tanks are built by Michael Ellis. You can contact him on Facebook last time I checked.
  9. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg Tank

    Great work mate, looks the goods. Is the spray bar just 20/25mm pipe with holes drilled down the length?
  10. Discus

    @raycam01_au has some awesome Discus, I'm sure you can sweet talk him into sharing some secrets
  11. Bloodworm for Frontosa

    Nope. Do not mix trophs and fronnies.
  12. Dither fish for Frontosa

    Agree with JB. Thats a definite no for mixing Trophs and Frontosa for me. Not only because of diet also trophs are just too boisterous. They will nip at the fins of the fronnies too.
  13. Bloodworm for Frontosa

    I have fed bloodworm once and sometimes twice a week for many years, never had a problem. I wouldn't feed it as a main diet but I combine it with mysis, brine, pellets etc to keep feeding varied.