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  2. Well go and ask an importer, i can show you the cost of shipping live goods a considerable distance if you want
  3. Nope not at all, I've spoken to importers who can link the price to logistics and loss of stock. Risks were not mentioned...
  4. But they aren't a contributing factor, again you're using causality. There is no evidence to support your claim. It doesn't seem tongue in cheek if you take to 2 posts to back yourself and continue to do so, why not just add "all in jest" at the end? You seem a tad straw man now...
  5. [MENTION=3726]grubby[/MENTION] "Some fish come from dangerous regions, take west Africa for example, someone has to risk, Ebola, Malaria,piranhas, caymans, candiru, rebels, Boko Haram, kidnappers, angry poachers, hostile natives, El Cartel etc to find these gems and get em back. I wouldn't want to do it. " " I wouldn't want to be trying to collect in some places in the world in comparison, Irian Jaya, Borneo,Burma, the Congo, Sierra Leone, Guatemala, Mexico, Columbia No wonder they charge an arm and a leg. There you go Mbunamad, my imput. Constructive enough for you?" I don't know about what you haven't written yet, but it's pretty easy to see you're concluding that imported fish are expensive due to the risk, and there is no evidence to back your statement, you then rambled on about hippos, Boko Haram and other things to try and back it. All I did was albeit passionately, state that this isn't the case and also linked price to something realistic (logistics and cover for loss of stock in transit). Whether you think I'm full of **** is up to you, but you've used causality to blame high prices for wold caughts on something absurd.
  6. You're further proving how clueless you are with that statement. Look at historical evidence, africa 20 to 30 years ago was a sure ****e worse than it is today, in fact you are starting to see an emerging middle class in many nations there. I have stats that support this, where are yours? To finish don't just assume I'm full of ****e because I called you out on being so.
  7. [MENTION=3726]grubby[/MENTION] Wow, the point I tried to make sure missed the spot didn't it? I used that analogy to show how far fetched your reasoning was. Assuming that my family lives in africa therefore must ride an animal found in another part of africa is just as ignorant as assuming warlords, yellow and dengue fever affect the price of wild caught fish. Strewth I may as well throw polio in too for good measure.
  8. Mate i am half nigerian, have been there a few times too, of course there are diseases and bad ****, but it doesn't affect the exporting of fish, same as hippos killing people as they do this at night, and locals are privy to it. The pricing has nothing to do with the risks, it's simply the cost of logistics. Also no, warlords wouldn't give 2 ****s about some peasants fishing near them, africa is still quite remote, who would these people tell? **** with statements as broad as yours, i'd think my uncles and aunts ride wildebeest to work in benin city... You may as well say ebola is in the US due to the remote cases. Still has no effect on price of fish. You've gone ahead and used causality to blame high import prices on ludicrous things. It's simple economics, if operational costs are high, expect the good to have a higher price tag. Hazard pay for catching fish in 3rd world countries... if that was the case those diamond miners in Sierra Leone 2 decades ago would be filthy rich.. As to which fish is better, that's a whatever floats your boat question. Many apologies for the passionate reply, but seriously this sort of thing needs to be checked. I'm all for opinions, but do some reading and quit assuming ridiculous things
  9. Trabsporting live goods will always be costly, one must remember that you can pack a good deal more dry stock than livestock..
  10. Outside of kribs what fish from west africa would you get? No offense, but this post sounds incredibly stupid.. lake malawi is in east africa, as well as lake tang. Boko haram as situated in the north of nigeria and they don't venture far from it don't know if you know about nigeria but the north east is subsaharan. Ebola is really only found in Liberia and surrounds, again it is quite isolated given the close proximity of surrounding nations. And that country is war torn good luck finding an industry there to begin with... Wild caughts are expensive because when you factor in losses in livestock and the logistics in bringing them here, the **** adds up.. In all honesty you're making it sound like a warlord or druglord has laid claim to any body of water with interesting fish in these regions, I'm sure they far more lucrative means to generate income..
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  15. I didn't get to make this today but i've actually found a template to work with using excel. Just pm me your email @xistyi53 and I can email it through. It may be a little crude but at least it's a start.
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