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  1. http://www.100percentreefsafe.com.au/index.php/shop#!/100-Reef-Safe-Magnesium-Chloride-Supplement-1Kg/p/8565534/category=1804173 Is this what you're after?
  2. Weren't you just trying to buy p bass last week?
  3. I'm very happy with my ecotech marine return pump. They're not exactly cheap but I know a shop that does laying which helps.
  4. Found this thread from a Google search for reef keeper pages in Brisbane. Does this marine aquarium club still exist? @liquidg
  5. Picked up this beautiful little piece of Acro this arv, I've had mixed results with spa previously but I just couldn't pass this one up. Fingers crossed it keeps it's colour.
  6. Finally got a reply from him this evening and was able to go and pick them up from his house. Apparently he didn't get a chance to rinse them out. At least I got them back tho.
  7. Which markets @liquidg?
  8. Which markets @liquidg?
  9. Just wanted to rant because I'm quite annoyed at the moment. I sold my mini reef 120 on thursday to someone from gumtree and was nice enough to lend him the 4 buckets I use for water changes so he could take the water from the tank with him. As he lives local he said he would drop them back the next day. Which I was happy with as I planned to do a water change today. Well they didn't show up yesterday and he didn't reply to my messages yesterday so I rang him this morning and he said he would drop them off today. Still no buckets! And he appears to be ignoring my offer to pick them up from his house. What makes it worse is he knocked me down on price when he showed up a few days late to pick it up, then I spent the hour or so it took to pack it all up answering his questions and offering any advice I could. So now it appears I have to go out and buy some new buckets so I can do my water change tomorrow. Don't you just love people! End rant, sorry guys.
  10. SOLD, and another reefer is born haha
  11. Otherwise I've heard lots of people having success with the mars aqua units you find on eBay. They are only $80-$90
  12. 2nd hand
  13. Click, "notify me of replies" just above the "submit reply" button you get notifications.
  14. I only use my phone for the forum and find the new layout much easier for use on a phone than the old one or tapatalk. Also it is very easy to upload photos from your phone you just use the "Click to choose files" link at the bottom of the message box.
  15. Aquarama has a few in at the moment, atlas has a couple too.