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  1. Hi Aron, what size sump are you looking for? I have the original sump from my AR400 available. I think it is 63cm long x 35cm wide x 40cm tall off the top of my head but I can measure again tomorrow. Good condition with no leaks, I just built a larger sump. It is upside down in the picture to keep dust out.
  2. Large tanks and rental properties

    Probably depends on the real estate but usually as long as the house is clean and tidy and you pay rent on time they don't mind.
  3. Marine live rock for sale

    Sold and picked up. Thanks to buyer
  4. Selling good quality mature live rock with good coraline algae growth, no aptasia and a few zoas on a couple of pieces. Selling cheap as I don't need it. $20 for the lot. Anemone is not for sale. Pictured in a 2ft long tank for scale. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Cheers
  5. Can anybody ID these worms?

    I couldn't spot them again to catch one @tdj5. Thanks @LD50ms222wobblyfish now that they have names I'll feel terrible if anything should happen to them!
  6. a sting that can kill

  7. My Marine

  8. Reef tank upgrade

    @gingerbeer here's another to move to marine section
  9. Marine Noob!

    @gingerbeer here's a marine thread to be moved
  10. I love Mushrooms

    Here's a couple of mine, the orange one I have had for ages and has always had 3mouths I'm waiting for it to split but it just keeps popping out pups. It is brighter in real life. They are all a bit smaller in the photos than usual as the lights are ramping down but they spread out heaps in the middle of the day. Gotta love a good morph.
  11. red fin butterfly

    If only they didn't eat coral.
  12. Dang! I'll keep keeping an eye out @Grover65k
  13. QLDAF need to change this

    Looks good @ex0h, appreciate your work!
  14. QLDAF need to change this

    @d1ll I believe it's is on the default theme so it is usable, because there were issues with the other theme after the update last weekend.