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  1. I started with a mini reef 120 and quickly outgrew it so moved up to an aqua reef 400. With a few small mods and upgrades to the plumbing and hardware I have been very happy with the aqua one tanks. All depends on your budget and size restrictions but the sky is the limit. If you look around on gumtree they come up fairly regularly and often they will have all the mods already done.
  2. Or you could air con your garage haha
  3. A nyos quantum 300 is rated up to 4000l and you can pick one up for around $1800. Its the chiller that is the killer, a teco tk 3000 is $3250 or tk 6000 is $3800 before any discounts.
  4. Are you using anything like macropore in your sump? It's great at polishing water.
  5. You should turn it into a massive reef tank!
  6. The tune 5000l/h pump is 85watts at full noise
  7. It's only 80 watts constant if you have it turned all the way up. That graph that says 80watts constant power is just to show flow rate at different head heights.
  8. Maybe pricier than you're after but I am very happy with my ecotech vectra m1 It is dead silent. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Ecotech_Vectra_M1_Centrifugal_Pump_7500lph_p/mpvm1.htm
  9. I have no experience with eheim canisters but given the lower flow rate I would think it may not provide as much mechanical as it does biological.
  10. An fx6 would definitely provide enough mechanical filtration to not have an internal filter, but having an internal filter will allow you to extend time between canister cleaning. For a me it's well worth the 5 minutes rinsing an internal sponge.
  11. Installed last night after a bit of a shuffle around in the sump with the reactor and the top up container. It holds approximately 7.8L @mikie91au
  12. Thought I'd share the hob refugium I knocked up yesterday/ this afternoon. I have been trying to work out where I could grow some macro for nitrate reduction and somewhere for the pod population to expand. Space is fairly tight in my sump and cabinet as you can see in the photos and my wife would not approve of an external refugium so I decided to build one to fit in the little space that I have left in the cabinet between the sump and chiller. I was inspired by the CPR aquafuge but was not willing to part with a few hundred dollars to get one from the states. So, using some old acrylic shelves that I picked up from my wife's work when they were doing a store change, a few tools and a tube of weldon acrylic glue from my favourite reef shop the total build cost came to $17.10 This is what I came up with. First picture is the cabinet Second and third are just after gluing Third and fourth are after I filed, sanded and polished the edges and leak tested. Last pictures are finished with tank side painted black to prevent unwanted algea growth in the sump.
  13. I haven't used the eheim filters but have used both Fluval 405 and fx5 and can recommend both. I would definitely go the larger one over the smaller one tho, much rather overkill than just enough to do the job. No such thing as too much filtration in my opinion. When I was keeping Africans I was running an fx5 along with an Otto pf2000 internal on a 4x3x1.5 with 50-60 10-16cm fish and never had any problems. By running the internal for mechanical filtration to get any large waste and cleaning it regularly you can cut down on canister filter maintenance significantly. It's much easier to pull the Otto out and rinse it under the tap once a week than it is to pull a canister apart to do a big clean. Also, any canister filter is only as good as the media you put inside it, I had marine pure and ceramic noods in my filters. Well that's my opinion any way.
  14. http://www.100percentreefsafe.com.au/index.php/shop#!/100-Reef-Safe-Magnesium-Chloride-Supplement-1Kg/p/8565534/category=1804173 Is this what you're after?
  15. Weren't you just trying to buy p bass last week?