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  1. I printed a bunch of labels for the cables and power boards using work's dymo but haven't had a chance to stick them on yet. Before that I just did the tape and marker thing too.
  2. There's a guy who sells them in Kallangur/Dakabin. He usually has an ad on gumtree, I think he might do Southside a couple of days a week too. He has multiple sizes available, I bought a few 60l drums off him a while ago Please view this ad: Drum Blue Plastic 205 Litre / 44 gallon, http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kallangur/miscellaneous-goods/drum-blue-plastic-205-litre-44-gallon/1138723565?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttonsVIP&utm_content=app_android Price: $30
  3. If it was fish only a canister filter would be alright, but sump is the go as you can change out your filter sock regularly to prevent nitrate build up. In the canister everything is trapped until you clean it so it is hard to keep your parameters stable.
  4. @Sebastian have you got room for more altums?
  5. Haha my auto correct changed @Aquilaji to souvlaki! Whoops.
  6. I assume the display floods because souvlaki is using a siphon over the top rim of the tank rather than an overflow drilled below the top level of the tank @aquaholic99. When power is lost the siphon breaks and has to be restarted manually.
  7. I started with a mini reef 120 and quickly outgrew it so moved up to an aqua reef 400. With a few small mods and upgrades to the plumbing and hardware I have been very happy with the aqua one tanks. All depends on your budget and size restrictions but the sky is the limit. If you look around on gumtree they come up fairly regularly and often they will have all the mods already done.
  8. Or you could air con your garage haha
  9. A nyos quantum 300 is rated up to 4000l and you can pick one up for around $1800. Its the chiller that is the killer, a teco tk 3000 is $3250 or tk 6000 is $3800 before any discounts.
  10. Are you using anything like macropore in your sump? It's great at polishing water.
  11. You should turn it into a massive reef tank!
  12. The tune 5000l/h pump is 85watts at full noise
  13. It's only 80 watts constant if you have it turned all the way up. That graph that says 80watts constant power is just to show flow rate at different head heights.
  14. Maybe pricier than you're after but I am very happy with my ecotech vectra m1 It is dead silent. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Ecotech_Vectra_M1_Centrifugal_Pump_7500lph_p/mpvm1.htm