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  1. Needing to worm my display tank but it has large black knife in it . What's the best product to worm tank with out killing it as I've read they are very sensitive to meds but can't find any info on worming tanks with them in the tank .the tank also has angels ,bnose ,royal whips , corys and tetras in it also .thanks in advance for any info on the matter
  2. I've got mine tanks in garage with cars I have lids on all tanks and I put the air pump out side on garage window ledge that way my tanks air pump only pumps fresh air from outside into tanks no car fumes
  3. Was told by a tank builder it's ok to have tank empty without any probs as long as it's under cover away from uv light
  4. 2 more having trouble sexing fish hope pics are ok fish top and bottom view thanks for your help
  5. having trouble sexing fish hope pics are ok fish top and bottom view thanks for your help
  6. How are u looking at setting up .if u are going to set up with the first drum filling then flow threw to drum 4 u would be best to use 32mm pipe minimum. i would keep pipe size large as u can to help with the flow between tanks cause if u fill at one end and drain at other only using 20mm hose between them ,when hosing for a while the end tank with pump on it will drain and the water wont be able to flow threw the 20 mm hose quick enough to keep up with pump .have the tank taps got a female thread if so just get that size in male thread and glue some pipe between with a union on it to pull apart easy if need to move it etc
  7. ive had peps 9 cm no bristles up nose then moved into another tank and then grew some must of been on bottom of male food chain . some females grow bristles up nose but the they dont split at end of bristle like males i have one female with a couple of bristles up her nose . in my experience around 18 months to 24 months old till they breed un like standards who breed around around 6 cm
  8. how long have u had the filter running for and what media do u have in it ? i have only cleaned mine impeller 2 times in 6 yrs ,only time i had a flow problem is when i decided to put filter wool in basket it clogged up in 2 days after i put it in and flow slowed right down i took it out and never had prob since
  9. had a look at them tonight after work all well thankfully
  10. pulled some drift wood out of one of my tanks while cleaning it to day and placed it in a bucket around 330 pm once i filled the tank back up i had a bit of running around to do so i left things .i got home 6pm went back out to the shed to feed the fish and tidy up when i noticed the wood still in bucket as i picked it up to put back in tank i saw one of my 134 s and marble bn in bottom of bucket the little buggers had been in the wood when i pulled it out of tank hours before i grabed them they were still alive 2.5 hrs out of the water bloody lucky . So now on ill check drift wood for fish a little closer when pulling out of tanks for fish . How long do they last out of water .
  11. hey mate really love the l numbers you sell would it be possible to let us know when you have any ready for sale :) we love collecting them

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  13. I found if it can fit in its mouth it will eat it , in my experience with barra anyway .As above keep well fed and have a few hideouts for smaller barra to hide and u should be ok for a while
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