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  1. Great things these are raise people's awareness plus getting rid of a massive problem
  2. Seems to be a common theme at the moment, hello and welcome
  3. Welcome and hello
  4. Welcome and hello
  5. A yellow diver I think I've seen one just like it on Scooby Doo
  6. Welcome and hello
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  8. What's that do? Is it like a prefilter?
  9. I use API test kits I've never seen under 40ppm nitrate in any tank I've owned I did get worried at one stage and had it checked by LFS and bought another kit to compare both them came back good enough so just use the test as an indication, if it changes drastically from 40ppm I know to look for a problem. I don't chase numbers but prefer to see stable numbers.
  10. Welcome and hello
  11. Society is changing, and it's evident with everything . One day in the future it will be all chain stores and online
  12. Welcome and hello
  13. Bring containers and you can take the water too