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  1. I'm thinking you mite be onto something re ph... I Mite bring it down slowly a couple of pts and see if there is any improvement. They did come from a slightly lower Ph.
  2. Thanks for all your input guys, much appreciated as always. [MENTION=3878]pk333[/MENTION] The sump overflows into two filter sock which i have been changing daily so sump should be squeaky clean. Fish are looking a little better today to be honest. I have been doing 50% wc daily and treated with kasuri yesterday. Blue diamond eyes have cleared up considerably and he is eating again. Gill on the other one hasent changed much but he is eating heaps and acting normally so I'm assuming it's not an emergency. I have noticed a few of the fish "twitching" if that tells you anything?? Also today is day six of Protozin treatment but I'm hesitant to use it to be honest, things finally seem to be heading in the rite direction and I dont want to stuff it up :/ is final treatment necessary?
  3. So a week ago today I picked up 8 7-8cm discus from Darren Thomson aka Gold Coast Discus. First couple of days where fine apart from the normal settling in period. Then late on day two I noticed white spot on quiet a few of the fish. The following day I started Protozin treatment and seems to have cleared up nicely. (3rd day of treatment yesterday) However on day 3 I noticed that the Penang eruptions gill plate was raised on one side and the membrane is sticking out around 3-5mm when it takes a breath. Also there are some barely visible white lines/spots on the membrane when you look inside (please see photo) He is still breathing from both gills, colour is nice, behaviour is normal and eating fine. Then today I noticed that my blue diamonds eyes have gone cloudy (pop eye???) he is not eating and is very reserved. Are these problems possibly related and what can I do? I have spoken to quiet a few people and done hours of research with no firm diagnosis on what's happening to my tank. Apart from the Protozin treatment for white spot I have been doing 50% wc daily and added 1tbs of salt per 60l. Sorry for for the long story :/ Any help or advice would be very much appreciated... I have no idea what to do! Ph: 7.5 Am: 0 Rite: 0 Rate 0-5 30 deg Bare bottom 4x2x2 with a 3 foot sump, no plants, no other fish. Setup in run completely on pre filtered rain water.
  4. Yeah that definitely sounds like a good idea [MENTION=15440]mikie91au[/MENTION] Can I ask a rough idea of how much ph down you use per letre?
  5. Thanks [MENTION=15440]mikie91au[/MENTION] that's very encouraging. Will do a couple of tests and see if I can use a similar process.
  6. Thanks for your help [MENTION=3878]pk333[/MENTION]. That definitely points me in the rite direction.
  7. I do have a 5000l rainwater tank but want to avoid using it as my main source of water as its pretty normal for it to run dry two-three times a year due to lack of rain. Could I possibly do a ratio of town and tank water to lower my ph? Tank water is pretty soft and stays around a 7ph
  8. I do have a 5000l rainwater tank but want to avoid using it as my main source of water as its pretty normal for it to run dry two-three times a year due to lack of rain. Could I possibly do a ratio of town and tank water to lower my ph? Tank water is pretty soft and stays around a 7ph
  9. Thanks [MENTION=3878]pk333[/MENTION] will definitely check it out. Would you say that my water parameters are unsuitable for discus? From my research I would say that my ph is way to high.
  10. I know this question has probably been covered a thousand times but can't seem to find a definitive answer so sorry in advance. So basically my town water is at a ph of 8 my gh is 143.2 and my kh is at 107.4. What is the best way to adjust these levels to a more acceptable level for discus? Particularly when doing water changes.
  11. Haha... I agree. Maybe I should get a red light to speed things up a bit
  12. Had a play with the camera today, what do you think??
  13. Thanks I mainly have Kigoma Frontosa with a few peaceful haps from the placidachromis family.
  14. Would just like to share my new setup. Its taken me about 3 months to complete and lets just say I'm glad I can sit back and enjoy it now Tank: 6'2'28" With starphire front panel, sliding lids and black vinial background. Filtration: 2x Fx6's With Marine pure spheres, Chemipure and Macropore. Tunze StreamFilter (Polishing) Heating: Eheim Jager 300w Lighting: 2x Radion xrw30 G3's I would like to say a huge thanks to Dennison at Mary Ann's aquarium as well as all the guys at AOA Now just have to wait for the fish to grow :/ Let me know what you think.
  15. Where is the best place to buy the Schego? Definetly keen to get one
  16. Thanks for helping me out everyone very much appreciated.
  17. Hi everyone. I have just finished putting together my new 700l african setup. I have tried my best to get quality hardware (within reason) only using brands I trust. The heater I chose to go with is the Eheim Jager 300. My question is what do you think is the best possible heater for my setup? It's taken me a long time to put together my fish collection and way to much $$ lol so I need a heater that I can trust. I know the Eheim Jagers are good but is there anything better? Thanks in advance for your help
  18. Does anybody know where I can buy the black plastic strip that goes over the corners of tanks? Any help would be much appreciated
  19. Also have a look at this "Tunze StreamFilter 3163" Really nice filter with great surface suction
  20. I was just wanting to get a few "honest" opinions on Macropore. Pros/Cons (if any) Thanks in advance for your help
  21. Hi there, I am in the process of setting up a new tank and have gone with two fx6's pretty much filled with marine pure. In the past I have waited for the nitrogen cycle to do its own thing but I'm considering trying "seeding" this time. This is the plan: I have well used canister that I haven't cleaned for a couple of months (on purpose) I was going to soak the new media in the dirty canister water for a day or two hoping to transfer the bacteria. My question is will this work or am I going to have to use some old media in the new filters for a few weeks? Thanks in advance for your help
  22. Just wondering what people would recommend as a good Mid/upper swimming tank mate to keep with frontosa? I have a 28" tall tank so looking for something to make it look not so bare. Thanks in advance for your help.
  23. Hi there, welcome to the forum. Someone correct me if i'm wrong but i believe "EOI" = Expression of Interest and "Bump" moves the thread to the top of the recently-active list. "Bumps" it to the top of the list you could say. Hope this helps.
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