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  1. When do juvenile Jardini Saratogas generally come on the market? Cheers, Richard.
  2. Hi Aquaholic, where do you suggest getting something like this from?? Cheapest way to get a sump able to slide out?
  3. [MENTION=470]aquaholic99[/MENTION] - where do you find suitable roller bars??
  4. Bought myself one of the Bestway 1500gal Pool Filters - Bestway 1500gal Flowclear Swimming Pool Sand Filter Cleaner Pump | eBay It will be used for mechanical, with a sump providing biological. The aims for the media are: 1) Minimum backwashing 2) Cheaper the better Anyone had any experience with using glass instead of sand, or a specific bead filter media that is available in Australia?? Thoughts on the following media? Glass Pearls - Glass Pearls Viron Glass - Viron Glass Media - Sand & Media Filters - Filters - Shop Pool Supplies Online With PoolWerx Crystal Clear Glass - Crystal Clear Glass Media - Pool Filter Media - Products
  5. I know it's crazy! See the one about the gold fish??? But yeah this guy was one of my first Pbass, so he's pretty special.
  6. No point arguing over a moot point like that guys, appreciate all help and questions, who knows what helpful things might lead to. Thanks for everyone's help - done the procedure and he can now close his mouth with ease and is looking good! And Litigator while it is just a plain old Mono, I still get attached to the fish, as they're pets and want to do the best by them. Once you name them there is no going back ahaha they are part of the family.
  7. This is the best I could get Maximum it's been like this is 4 hours Actually do have clove oil, how do you use it to sedate the fish? What amounts?? [MENTION=11301]Lictoga[/MENTION]
  8. I guess so, I've never had it happen before. But I believe yes it is a dislocation, I tried to gently put it back in place but it wouldn't move that easily, so I thought I'd check before I go any further.
  9. Can you fix lock jaw with peacock bass?? If so, how? Anyone done this?? Anyone with experience, help is much appreciated
  10. Would it also depend on what fish you keep in there? As in if it's a rainbow community tank or big brute Americans that can create a lot of power with their movement??
  11. Is 12mm glass thick enough for a 8 x 2 x 3 (L x W x H)? Cheers, Richard
  12. Already built everything out of the standard white pipe Krylon Fusion from Carrero Art, A lifestyle of creativity... on the way now, was cheaper than the other sites
  13. Any new products for painting pvc so it's safe for underwater aquarium use???
  14. Cheers Heintz, always keep my eyes peeled Just rang them and no Wild Oscars unfortunately, haven't had them for a while he said. Do however have normal oscars and albino longfins!
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