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  1. A toilet in or near my fish room would be a game changer. Tell your visitors it's a "designer" betta bowl.
  2. I keep my cables to a minimum and just heat my fish room, it's a nice 24. If I could fit a bed in I would go the Troy McClure route.
  3. StarTrack from Sydney made what's usually an overnight service a two day service. Fastways from the sunny coast made what's usually an overnight service a two day service as well. My essentials handled the journey "swimmingly" very well packed and water was treated to detoxify ammonia. Do be careful all, results may vary!
  4. Hi Stewart, Welcome to the forum! How quick your peat will work will depend on the buffering capacity of your water, different areas water chemistry will give different results. While your neons and pleco wouldn't mind the lowering, the swordtail and guppies should thrive in 8.0. Personally I would not touch the PH, I have many pleco's and tetras and they have been living in 8+ for years. If you do decide otherwise I would recommend any experiments with PH happen in a separate container. Cheers, Dan
  5. Well i just went shopping for essentials, I have an order coming out of Sydney and one coming locally. The essentials are coming via polyfoam boxes so we shall soon see. I figure buy now while i still have a job
  6. I have seen vodka dosing but not beer dosing. Look at the little beer bellies.
  7. Yeah mine are trying to turn into a discus but only seem to be expanding down.
  8. I got a colony of yoyo loach i keep for this purpose. They are lethal v snails.
  9. I know you don't want to take it out, but it will heal quicker on it's lonesome away from stress and rough housing. Dose some aquarium salt and it might even heal without the meds.
  10. I would say overfeeding based off your comments. Another possibility is to check the expiry as this can give false readings when expired. The API master test has always been hard for me to workout nitrate levels, let that 40/80 color be a guide for a large water change if your water has a well buffered PH or a few smaller if it isn't (or your not sure on the water chemistry). You generally don't want it going that color at all.
  11. Go to bunning's and look for a product called foilboard, it comes in all sorts of dimensions and thickness. (I have found it in sizes in store that the website does not show). Basically it is Styrofoam in various sizes with an insulating foil attached to one side. I would use this for the back and sides of your tanks leaving the tops and front open for light, not sure how well your acrylic will work on the front but it will be cheaper and more effective to use the foilboard on the sides and back for sure.
  12. As aquarium hobbyists I would like to think we have an advantage over our fellow homo sapiens in regards to covid-19. The laundry list of fish deaths and diseases we experience personally or through forums like this has surely penetrated a few heads over the years with the importance of good quarantine procedures.
  13. It's a bit hard breeding fish when your trying to make them keep a safe distance from each other. Don't even get me started on them washing their fins. Better chance training them to crap up the same end of the tank and I think we all know how well that would go down. Someone offered me a trade last night on a gum tree ad. Pleco for toilet paper swap...... I sh!t you not.
  14. Neither would I, could get messy.
  15. And sometimes those people are the owners of said small business, passionate hobbyist doesn't always equate to quality service. In my experience Petbarn is what it is, the fish they hold are usually cheap in type if not in price and the dry goods they hold are minimal and not the brands I like to dabble in. But yeah many many reasons have been raised and most are valid, there is no single rhyme or reason.
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