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  1. Neither would I, could get messy.
  2. And sometimes those people are the owners of said small business, passionate hobbyist doesn't always equate to quality service. In my experience Petbarn is what it is, the fish they hold are usually cheap in type if not in price and the dry goods they hold are minimal and not the brands I like to dabble in. But yeah many many reasons have been raised and most are valid, there is no single rhyme or reason.
  3. I had a couple of buckets of aquarium gravel I didn't want anymore which I told my brother I was going to throw out come bin day. So he did me a "favour" come bin day and tossed the gravel in the bin... buckets included. You can pick and choose your customers but you can't pick and choose family.
  4. Hi ManinOZ, Unless you are trying to breed them I wouldn't do a thing regarding PH, 8.2 is high but I have kept mine in 8.2 no problems, my GH and KH were not as high though. Playing with PH for discus is like chasing a rainbow. -You can put driftwood and peat moss in to soften the water, but after every water change it will swing until it softens the new water. If you do small water changes it's not generally an issue, but with discus you want to keep the bacterial count low by large water change and good husbandry, which can produce larger ph swings. -You can also try the discus buffers route, but with your KH up so high it will be quite costly to overcome your alkaline water, also you will find the line quite steep once the buffer has been overcome, your ph will be dropping slowly with every teaspoon of the product, then all of a sudden it will plummet.... In my opinion your best bet is to get a water container for water storage and try one of the following if you still want to lower PH. -You can try rainwater plus a re-mineraliser to give it some trace elements. -You can try reverse osmosis water plus a re-mineraliser to give it some trace elements. -You can try rainwater or reverse osmosis water with a percentage of your tap water and use the TDS pen to make sure the TDS matches every time so they get consistent parameters. * I would recommend the RO/TAP water mix over rainwater as you have less chance of contaminants from the Roof etc. Hope this helps, Who would have thought water could be so interesting.
  5. I use prime on my pet rhino's water bowl, he doesn't like chloramines.
  6. No worries, I will raise a few. Will let you know how they come along.
  7. Yep, now they are in the process of shifting the nest. Tried to siphon but they are in attack mode lol.
  8. Don't worry about that slate i bought you, just do your thing on the walls.
  9. Nice photos. Last time I went was when I was young and had very little fishy interest, I think I would be way more excited now.
  10. http://www.qldaf.com/topic/109887-ahongsloi-juvies/#comment-752887 These are pics of the ones I rec'd in the link above. But yeah I doubt they are the same batch from March 2015.
  11. Thanks Mate. Yeah, he was a character. Survived a lot of my mistakes over the years, and then he up and runs into a wall.
  12. Lost a F1 male moorii dolphin today, he was a decent size at 21cm, I have raised him since he was about 4cm. He got spooked and rammed the glass (hard) recently, consequence was a case of unilateral popeye followed by a case of death. He leaves behind a sad owner, several pregnant ladies and many hundreds of children.
  13. Kusuri Koi Klay - Calcium Montmorillonite.
  14. Nice scape mate. How do they all get on?
  15. I'm pretty sure it's not quite as cut and dry as all that. I don't do natives, but I'm pretty sure you can keep certain types of wild caught native fish in your aquarium, just as I'm certain there are types you can't. It's the selling of them you won't get away with without a licence. And then their is restrictions on bag limit, size, and equipment used to catch the fish with.
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