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  1. I have a feeling that most casting resin would be inert once cured. Though I dont know. I'd try the drilling option first to reduce wood mass and increase surface area. Ultimately you could tie it down with some big rocks around/under it
  2. if drilling holes from where you won't see it doesn't help, maybe filling some bigger holes with a safe epoxy or resin will help to weigh it down. but once the water has access to inside the thicker parts it should be alright after a while
  3. Great thread. Yeah big ups to Fish Master Marvelous, he's hooked me up with some amazing deals and calls me when new stock is available. And if wasn't for this thread I'd never known about fishchick, went there yesterday and got some co2 bits I've been chasing
  4. I am trying to be responsible about it, so this won't be an option. Thanks for the link and number savage_roo the fisheries 2008 act is quite vague and skimming through 650+ pages of jargon isn't how i like to spend my free time so i'll call the number.
  5. Hi everyone, Just wondering what the regulations are for collecting natives in state forests and council reserves? National Parks are off limits, but what about the other 2? The creek I want to check out has it's head waters up in a reserve and am curious whether or not I can collect there? Thanks in advance. Josh.
  6. Pretty good. Went to youngs crossing and too many kids so I went up south of dayboro and got a heap of glass fish, a few blue eyes, some gudgeons and a couple of hardy heads(I think) one is quite large. Oh and a big shrimp. I'm pretty happy with the catch. used bread and vegemite with blue traps. Was there for about an hour and a half.
  7. Hey guys, been following this thread. I've got to take my mum up to petrie tomorrow so thought while I'm waiting I'd have my first crack at collecting. I was thinking just trying out youngs crossing as it looks like a nice easily accessible area. are there any other recommendations for easy places to throw the traps in? It will be in the afternoon.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Personally I rate tanks on thickness of glass, quality of silicone coverage, whether there is corner bracing (I dont like it) and whether the glass pieces have had the edge taken off them like a small chamfer.
  10. Yeah could be that, it's an older SS Aquaone 300w. I'm going to do what Cav has recommended and see how it goes.
  11. I've got a similar issue at the moment, i've had to dial the heater down to 23 and it's still sitting at about 29. it was 32 the other day with the house locked up... its a big house and a big tank... i figured it had something to do with the thermal mass of the water and the ambient temperature during the day fish still seem happy, so i'm just monitoring it at the moment.
  12. AoA and Eheim to the rescue... let me know if anyone needs some FX5 spare parts
  13. Hi all. I woke up this morning to my FX5 pipes banging against the wall. I've had a bit of a search but nothing really answered my question. I have narrowed the problem down to the motor. Cleaned the impeller and housings but to no avail. I ran the filter without media or lid to see what was doing... exactly the same as before... pulsing My question is do I replace the motor (and who do I go to)? Or is there a better filter on the market that is of similar cost to a new motor? Bit of background info, filter was given to me 2nd hand with my whole 6ft setup, was in working order and has had the motor replaced a year or 2 ago. I've been running it problem free for the last few months and have been quite impressed (until now) Hope to hear your thoughts. Cheers, Josh.
  14. I just let an old filter soak in a warm sodium percarbonate (same as napisan w/o all the additives) solution and it came up a treat. I figured cause I use it you clean all of my brewing equipment, after a thorough rinse it'll be safe for my fish (I do have it outside running in a bucket atm - not in with the fish yet)
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Put in some more plants and got 4 archers and a coal grunter over the weekend. I also have a big piece of gold vine soaking in a tub outside and its going to go smack bang in the middle. Pretty happy with how its looking! Thinking I'll rearrange the val to cover some of the plumbing after the vine is in there to sort out balance. It's like a feeding frenzy every time I put any food in there... It's great!
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