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  1. My experience as well on multiple bottles. I keep using it and the crystals breakdown in a couple of hours.
  2. Nope, now starting at 5.30 due to low numbers of sellers and buyers. Looks like an early finish.
  3. Thanks for the reply Mikey, needing an adult as the one I had mysteriously died leaving two lonely females.
  4. Not to hijack the OP, but I'm looking for 1 - 2 adult royal males.
  5. With a small number of tanks, wouldn't it be easier and cheaper just to insult the tank to reduce the rate of heat loss?
  6. If you are filing with marine pure, as much as you can fit in.
  7. Next time either take control of the discussion, speak your mind or walk away. You'll have a far happier life doing that then going away and stewing on things. To be honest, seems all a storm in a tea cup. You've made no allowance for an initial non-understanding using different terminology to how the guy understands things and a further allowance that some people are interpreted as coming across condescending without realising they are even doing it. You've recounted a story from your perception. If I got upset every time someone spoke to me in a way I didn't like 100%, I'm sure I'd go postal on the world! Your moment of time was to challenge the guy to explain what he meant by saying "I think the INTERNET is at work here". People are different, shrug it off or speak up.
  8. Been to just about everyone for the last 2 odd years. 20% is a bit insulting for hobbyist trying to offset some of the costs of being in the hobby given prices you get at auctions. Doesn't take much to work out why auctions are stumbling and options like facebook sales/auctions are becoming the preferred way to sell. 20% is fine to dump crap and not caring what it sells for. As to joining, why would I join a cichlid club when I have no interest in that type of species nor would I sell enough in a year let alone 1 auction to offset membership cost.
  9. I've decided to give it a miss, being a first. Won't go as a buyer if I wouldn't go as a seller. Saw they are charging non-members 20% of sale price which is greedy given that club members get other benefits already. That would put me off as a seller and presume would for others as well.
  10. Just a quick comment in regard to: 15. Sell lots with no reserve first - I can see major problems with this the biggest being the amount of time it would take to go through every lot and pull all the no reserve items out. Too much work. I would disagree there being any problems at all. You have 2 different Auction sheets, coloured coded paper with white for no reserve and yellow for reserve. The seller completes a separate page for reserve (white) and no reserve (yellow). One (or more box) with the white entries and a separate box for the yellow entries. All the work is done by the Seller as it is done now. From an administration side, nothing changes other than a seller now possibly has two auction lots and waits for each one to finish before collecting their money. I think the benefit of starting the auction off with no reserve lots would far outweigh the small extra cost to buy some coloured paper for the reserved lots. I also strongly believe you will see an increase percentage of no-reserve items being submitted. I bet you would have much more work sorting out the sale priority between volunteers, club members, public, and shops etc than implementing the above. Isee thank you for your comments. The problem here is, you would need every seller to make 100% certain that items were sorted out before they bring them to the auction, if the sellers do not sort out the lots properly then chaos will reign. Secondly because the splitting of non reserve and reserve item would mean basically have two letter for every seller, means we are looking at some form of rotational selling. The paperwork would have to be worked out and so would how everything was recorded for the payouts. I am not going to go into too much detail in this reply, but will post a more detailed explanation out what is being worked on as far as rotational selling is concerned, at the end of this thread. As for the amount of work sorting out the sale priority it is very simple, first in best dressed the same as always. Graeme
  11. Very interesting project. Keep with your plan to use to Apex to do your water changes, nothing better than setting Apex up to automate such things. The options are almost limitless with the Apex. You did know that you can easily wi-fi the Apex?
  12. I agree that the volunteers you see at every auction should be commended, but maths doesn't appear to be your strong point or its simply a case of blind denial. It doesn't take much to work out that a seller selling in prime selling time will achieve a higher price for their lots than those at the end of the auction. Multiply that by X number of boxes multiplied by X number of bags and you are starting to talk a substantial price benefit difference. Also, volunteers do it because they enjoy it at some level and you can't tell me that any volunteer is there who doesn't want to be there. So I see two camps, those who are there because they enjoy doing it and thus deserve our praise and those who are there because they get something out of it . Now in relation to improving auctions: 1. First priority is for lots without reserve. This will greatly increase efficiency at the start of the auction and create its own momentum. I bet you would see a dramatic increase of unreserved lots. 2. Keep the pace going from the start. When you reach a lot where a seller puts a reserve on their lot and no takers, pass it in and move on and don't bring back up. Number 1 rule, something is only worth what someone is willing to hand over cash for (not what they think its worth). Sellers need a reality check, reserve you bags at the absolute least you will take before being happy to take your fish home. 3. Don't be afraid of change, sellers will adjust. 4. As mentioned already, spread large lots over multiple lots to allow the little guy to get a look in. By splitting sellers lots into reserved and unreserved will help disburse. In relation to point 2, the auction on Saturday became quite enjoyable when the pace was increased which created its own energy. The first 2 hours was....to say the least, challenging to sit through. The next 2 hours was an improvement, but the last 3 hours was the pace I would have liked to see from the start. I think people would stay longer with high turnover wanting to stay "just another 5 minutes". But every auction I've been to over the last 18 months, the exact same thing happens, overly long time given to early lots and late lots sped through which I find unfair to those sellers. I agree with the idea of online registration, but can't see it being adopted and just pipe dreams. While it would automate a hell of a lot and allow lot stickers to be printed out when the seller arrives and speed up pre-auction time with the list automatically generated and can become public and allow people to see what is on later on the night and give them a reason to stay for the later lots (thus extending the prime selling time). The reality of it, the auctions will for the most part continue the way they are now. Maybe that is why Buyer numbers seem to be declining...and why smaller sellers aren't bothering with the auctions. The thought of an entry fee would turn me off going to the majority of auctions. At the end of the day, its costing me money for fuel for the round trip before I even set foot into an auction.
  13. I will start off and say that I felt bad for the sellers that had to take their lots back without getting a chance to sell. It was also a pity for the buyers who will never know what the seller had on offer. I decided to stick with it and hope there would be enough time for my 1 box to come up before midnight. I sold (1 box with 8 bags) for the first time last night so everything was a new experience for me. I had the opposite experience to you. I let the ladies behind the desk know this was the first time selling and they were very helpful in clarify a couple of questions I had. I arrived at 3.35pm and numbering was at AH already. Was a bit surprised by that as no line up for numbers and I thought entries started at 3.30pm. My lot was one of the last few lots of the night. Buyers got some bargain prices and I think it is a fair comment to say that had my lot sold earlier, 4 of the 6 lots would have sold for about 4 times the price of what they did. BUT, I knew from all the previous post auction comments that my lot wouldn't be on until somewhere in the later part of the night. Like my comment in another thread before the auction, volunteers and club members may not get "paid" money to do what they do, but they (the ones who submit fish for sale) do get a financial benefit out of it. The gist of what else you say I agree with. Essentially, the problem with the auctions is a lack of "fair go" for the little guy. This goes against my Australian upbringing and beliefs.
  14. As usual, what was said gets twisted into something its not. Didn't realise such a simple truth would get people so defensive [MENTION=1584]Fish Junkie[/MENTION] and [MENTION=316]PeterJ[/MENTION]
  15. Thanks for agreeing with my point which I will point out goes against your previous statements you stood by. You call them "bonuses", I refered them to "privileges" - not sure whether you see that as a difference? I don't think anything needs to be added. As I said in my first post, not saying its right or wrong and I find it more interesting what people choose not to say at the time than what they do say.
  16. Without getting into a debate, it is known that any auction lots they have will have priority over others (ie at the start of the auction and not the end). Given comments in the past, this is indeed considered quite valuable in itself.
  17. Not having a go at anybody here, not saying its right or wrong, but lets not misrepresent things. The volunteers and club members do get certain privileges on the night. So while you are correct that they don't get paid, you fail to clarify that they are compensated to a certain degree in other ways and this has been quite clearly stated in the past.
  18. Run your inlet through a sponge filter, that is what I do. That way you clean the sponges every two weeks and your canister will stay much cleaner. If you don't clean every two weeks or so, your flow rate will start to steadily drop.
  19. I would recommend you draw up detailed plans for your tank as well to be signed off before starting with a list of features you may want ie low iron glass (all or only certain sides), sliding lids, etc etc. I'm going to take an educated guess your tank is going to cost a big chunk of $$. That way you should get exactly what you ordered and if not, you have plans showing what you should have got.
  20. Yes, I have the latter and hence my curiosity to confirm what Pet City have.
  21. I'm confused, you say you have L201 as being H. Contradens (Hypancistrus contradens). I understand and checked according to planet catfish that L201's are Hypancistrus sp. . Can you clarify what you have.
  22. If they are priced right they will sell. Last time at Caboolture I was surprised what people were paying for 333's etc. If your reserve is street price, you might struggle to sell them on the day.
  23. Let me know if you work it out, I never did. Interestingly, we aren't that far away from each other...probably using the same water.
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