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  2. Yeah He recovered pretty well, prob another week will see back to normal. All up Pigsy Medical Bill, I didnt/dont have pet insurance so I had very light pockets after this, 1 Night at the 24hr Vet Tanawah, 4 Nights at Deception Bay Vet With painkillers and antibiotics at both $680
  3. Super nice Canot believe the price, I though they were at least 1.5k What temp is the tank at?
  4. Well the next tank upgrade for the comm tank is a 6x2.5x2.8 so they will all go in there in about two months or so when I buy my first house, Im building the tank into the wall, From there I'll be putting the barra in a pond with some other barra (When I build the pond) Just considering an economical way to heat the pond all year round (maybe solar) and if I can manage that Id put the pigsy in the pond as well
  5. Thanks everyone, Well checked my voicemail to find a late msg from the Vet, Looks like little Pigsy is still alive and doing much better than expected, so good in fact that the vet reckons he could be home as early as Friday!!! I'll call them in the morning to get the full details but my GF and I are over the moon, we're already planning his home coming party haha. If all goes well and he gets home, I'll be putting him into a 3x2x2 to recover for some weeks before he goes back into the comm tank. Syndicate, I zip tied the longer straight hose with the cage to the flexible hose and its super tight so I dont see any more problems there.
  6. Cheers guys, had him transfered to a Reptile specialist vet, not looking too good as there appears to be internal bleeding and all they can do is give painkillers fluids and antibiotics and basically wait to see if he starts healing up by himself. Really sucks that there is a lack of options when it comes to specialize healthcare for turtles in QLD. Fingers crossed for him anyway
  7. Having the worse night tonight, had my Barra (I suspect him) has knocked off the protective cage for the sucking end of my FX5, and poor Pigsy (my PNT) has got a bit curious and got sucked up, I saw this happen and dived up stopped the pump and got him out, but he has bit of a split beak, with some blood around his neck and his little eyes are all swolen up, he was still really moving about but not looking too good, I rushed him over to the 24h vet and got x-rays but the xray couldn't really show much so now he staying over night with painkillers and antibiotics, have to call back at 6am. My biggest concern is burst lung or ruptured internal organs, Poor little guy, note to others to tighten the **** out of these pipes to avoid a $450 vet bill and gravely crook turtle...
  8. Ive seen a couple Red Devil X Texas which were pretty much white with very faint pearls, Nothing to really write home about.
  9. yo man, you should prob list this in the trading section, I have heard of a Bloke in Bris who breeds them, Good luck hunting
  10. Hey Relle, I believe it is a short finned eel, for a long time I thought it was the long finned variety, but I believe I got them back to front. No, the turtle and eel get along really well, and just seem to hang out together all the time, the turtle is almost always sitting on or near the eel. Its funny the eel was also best'ies with my Tandanus cats before they died, they would always be sitting together
  11. Best'ies These two are always hanging out together Old Shot of the Eel
  12. Pest turtle found in Sydney street | thetelegraph.com.au Pest turtle found in Sydney street The Daily Telegraph February 28, 2012 12:17PM A SPECIMEN of the world's most invasive turtle species has been handed over to NSW authorities after a group of children was found playing with it in a street in south-western Sydney. The Primary Industries Department says a member of the public recognised it as a red-eared slider turtle, declared by the World Conservation Union as one of the world's 100 worst invaders. It was unclear whether the rogue turtle was a pet or if it had been dumped and found by the children, a DPI spokesman said. DPI Invasive Species Strategy Officer Nathan Cutter said the native US turtle was a pest in Australia on par with foxes, myna birds and cane toads. Anyone found with one can face fines of up to $80,000. "It is illegal to keep or sell red-eared slider turtles in NSW without an authority and heavy fines or imprisonment can apply to unlawful activities," Mr Cutter said in a statement. "The turtle is very aggressive and can quickly out-compete native species for food and space in our waterways." The red-eared slider turtle can also carry diseases and competes with native turtles for nesting sites, as well as having an appetite for their hatchlings. The turtles are not only illegal to have as pets but are bad tempered and can inflict painful bites, he added. The turtle has distinctive red or orange stripes behind its eyes and narrow yellow stripes marking the rest of its head and legs. Sightings can be reported to the National Animal Pest Alert hotline on 1800 084 881 or a local NSW DPI office. The turtle would be destroyed, a DPI spokesman said.
  13. you see a few now and then go on Petlink, from what I have seen mostly in Sydney
  14. More than likely not worth much over there..
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