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  1. No idea what you talking about never spoken to you b4 on FB, swap what swap....
  2. Did you forget to tell ppl about the largish open wound the Ray had at the top of its tail before this fuzzy fungus **** happened? And this happened without a male ray in the tank. Can't tell ppl half the story and hoping someone will fix the problem. Also you only had this Ray advertised for sale on FB earlier this week with much older photos than these and you didn't mention anything about the open wound and this issue, I could be wrong
  3. Dennison Seeto will move for a fee he has trolleys pm me if you want his contact details
  4. Think you can use fx5 taps on them and it won't leak
  5. Got 2 large ceramic caves and 40cm long piece of driftwood all for $30 wood needs to soak a while to sink, been out of tank for a while now
  6. Stripper poles, water and hold a wet t-shirt competition (ladies not men) lol
  7. Be careful with the inflatable pvc pools with your fishes as their pec fins can easily pierce a hole in the pool
  8. Nice male albino bn you have there. If there are other males in tank he will most likely fight them as males tend to fight a bit, if you have a albino mature female in tank and a nice log/cave I'm sure they will breed once the conditions are right.
  9. Now can you help me cross breed my datnoid with peacock bass mono and we'll call it Datmono lol Sclerop is a good guy 👍🏿👍🏿
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