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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm am going through the process of specifying my new aquarium and thought the collective knowledge found here should make my problem a snap! The build is 1800 Long, 600 Wide, 450 Tall (MM), (Max of 425mm waterline) in a braceless design. Due to material cost and overall dry weight, I am stuck between two thicknesses of glass. 15mm & 12mm, with my preference being 12mm. As 15mm nearly doubles the cost and adds another 30KG to an already very heavy tank. Using the Aquatools glass thickness calculator I am being present with a safety factor of 8 for 12mm glass & 12 for 15mm of glass. Which are both incredibly over the safety factor of 3.8, which is an industry recommendation. Which I do not believe relies on a brace, as it is geared off the tensile strength of glass and its flex limitations a long a continuous span. Please let me know your thoughts!
  2. Here is a FTS from last night, just after a NSW water change, I can say the best results I have had in 10 years is largely in thanks to NSW! Cant vouch for it enough, and its a super inexpensive alternation to high grade synthetics. Some serious coral porn!
  3. Those Acans are seriously awesome! Now my bank account is telling my I should resist the urge to go Acan hunting...
  4. Well this guys been landed for some time now, and is in fantastic health so I am confident it is a true colour morph. Though only more time will tell.
  5. SO I have found out its more likely a barless morph rather then Aberrant apparently, which means it will remain like so. Aberrants are more red and return to normal eventually. These morphs are normally found in the Marquesas islands, but can be rarely seen else where. This guy is from Vanuatu
  6. Specimens with slightly less black have fetched $2100USD, I wont disclose what this one was.
  7. Here are some shots of my new flame angel, an Aberrant morph. Very different and awesome! basically they lack most to all black pigment. This guys like a red hot fire cracker under the lights!
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