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  1. I'm adding a new canister filter to my tank All new media ect just wondering what's the best Way to do it? Cheers !
  2. What do you guys do in blackouts ? Anyone lost any fish ect? Best way to Sort blackouts?? Cheers
  3. Just wondering how people go about water usage Ever go over the water bill? Ect ect I've went over And havnt used that much. Or is there places to Buy water and store them in Ibc tanks? Just wanting ideas and what most of you's Do. Cheers
  4. Hi guys. Just wondering if there's anyone who Keeps ikola frontosa? Or any other frontosas Been looking at getting into them I've ordered a 8x2x2 tank Just wanting for it to come ect. How big do they get? How long do they live ? Ect just info that I can't Really find on google and I'm sure there's People on here Who know a lot more. Cheers everyone.
  5. Will I need anything in the tank to stabilize it.?
  6. Hi guys just wondering if can tell me the best way to get the ph up? And on fry tanks ect? Been told limestone but not sure where to buy it? Any info would be good cheers
  7. Hi guys I've just got give some Parachromis Friedrichsthalli yellow Jacket Cichlids Just wondering if anyone keeps these or know anything about them? Had a look on google but couldn't find much. Cheers
  8. Hi I've been researching heaps info about fish eggs what colour they are when The male has done this part ect ect and what way would be best egg tumbler or Just let the female go with them Any more info would be great. Thanks guys Cheers
  9. So I've been told a few things about afican substrate. White play sand mixed with crushed Coral sand and coral sand mirco/cal cab Just wondering what people use ? Cheers
  10. Hi all just wondering what everyone's power costs have been? I'm thinking about running a few tanks but been told It dab cost a lot ? Just wanting info ect ? Cheers
  11. I'm starting a few african display tanks Just wondering what kinda filter system I should Run ? Sump ect ? Just need a few ideas info ect Cheers guys..
  12. Found a 150L for 100 bucks guessing thats Way to much? What brand is yours ?
  13. Hi guys just wondering if I can get some Info on what would be the best air pump to run up to 30 tanks sponge filters air stones ect ? Cheers
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