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  1. Turns out the turtle lost control of her territory and was not cohabiting well with Kevin at all not to mentioned he killed 20 massive rainbows that I have had for 7 years that lived in the pond and nearly destroyed the system with their rotting bodies he did not eat
  2. Got two of these guys at 5 cm a year and half a ago and this fella killed his mate and took all the food after putting him in a outdoor pond with an adult macleay river turtle I forgot about him until early this year my adult turtle started behaving differently not coming up for for her afternoon dinner and so forth after a bit of fishing I pulled this fella out stuck him in a four foot tank and he is now a family favourite who loves fresh prawns cheers
  3. .Just a couple pics I have rainbows,gudgeons 3 types and one disgruntled guppy cheers
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