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  1. 10 minutes of flushing with water constantly and a 4x dose of prime over 2 days. Then 10 minutes more of flushing and a 4x dose of prime over 2 days. Now in tank with a 4x dose of prime. 2 days later and the fish are all happy
  2. I wanted to share this because I didn't find it anywhere online. I bought caribsea super naturals crystal river sand, it wasn't cheap, and multicure stained it. I saturated the stained sand with a bleach solution and overnight it went back to white. It'll be hit with a super dose of prime once a day for a few days until the bleach smell goes away and then put back in the tank. Hopefully this helps someone.
  3. Hey guys My macropore gold isn't removing tannins from my water. I've got 250ml in the top tier of my fluval FX6. Any ideas? Here's the tank, the brown is harder to see from front on, but you can tell its off. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys Can I use the bulkheads in the tank to attach a canister filter? Or would there be issues I haven't thought of. I've attached a (terrible) mock up on paint to show you what I mean. Thanks I plan to change to a sump eventually
  5. is your 4ft still for sale?

  6. I can't find much information about macropore gold on the forums etc. Will macropore gold still remove tannins? Will macropore gold still remove nitrogenous waste? I have bought macropore gold to soften water for discus however people same to say it makes no difference or raises gH as per this paragraph. " Now, however, it appears your meaning to try to use a water softener, which again, won't work*. Water softeners only impact gH, not kH. Additionally, as has already been mentioned, water softeners soften the water by exchanging two sodium ions for every one Ca or Mg ion they remove, resulting in a higher TDS, not lower. http://forum.simplydiscus.com/showthread.php?126778-Soft-water-or-softened-water-for-Discus-breeding-Water-Expert-professiona-please Can you please share your thoughts?
  7. Hi I'm planning on doing a 60x38x45cm tank (24x14x18") How many T5 globes will I need to light 45cm deep? I plan on growing marimo moss balls, anubias, swords, java ferns. Quite low tech, No CO2 I'd like to use 2x globes, 1 sunlight, 1 something else. Any help would be great
  8. Hello, I haven't been on QLDAF in years Is there a way to search within categories like the dry goods trader? or only searching the entire website? Is there a planted tank or aquascaping area? I can't seem to find it Thanks in advance
  9. Hey all I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with kessil 150s and how they go growing HC in a 60cm deep tank
  10. I wont to start a planted discus tank but ada amazonia buffers ph to 5.5-6.5 I want it at around 7 for discus, what are my other options?
  11. I wont to start a planted discus tank but ada amazonia buffers ph to 5.5-6.5 I want it at around 7 for discus, what are my other options?
  12. Superchlor Fraction Water Ager Water Ager Removes Ammonia Removes ammonia Removes Fluoride Removes fluoride Removes Heavy Metals Removes heavy metal Removes Copper, Iron, Zinc and Aluminium Removes copper, iron, zinc and aluminium Removes Hydrated Lime Removes Nitrate and nitrite $29-2L $39-2L Is it worth the extra $10 for nitrate and nitrite removal? Just trying to get my bearings
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