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  1. It certainly was a sad day to see them go. The biggest struggle is the economy, it is pretty flat in Australia atm, and has been for a little while. a stronger economy would promote healthy business and healthy hobbies. It’s unfortunate that fish keeping isn’t a cheap hobby.
  2. i seen these down the powder coaters the other day when i dropped some stands off Adrian, straight away i knew they were for a fish room, i asked Adam and he told me lol. looks good man
  3. I think it comes down to personal choice whether you change your name or not. I'm almost 100% certain you don't have to change your name if you don't want to.
  4. This is looking good, looking forward to the updates with the new build. I'm currently planning a 4 foot build, the old red sea 130L just doesn't cut it any more.
  5. The inpatient aquarium keepers best friend!
  6. [MENTION=17234]Rotarmaster[/MENTION] i'm James not Matty hahaha... Glad you finally got it up and running, nothing better then sitting down and feeling acomplished after settin your tank up 😄
  7. great to see you found QLDAF Ben, there is multiple articles on here full of great advice and ideas, along with some really great knowledgeable hobbyist always willing to fuel your addiction haha! I'm almost certain i sold you quickstart or you told me your were using quickstart or stability. Just to clear the air as your post comes across like you threw some water in and added fish haha! enjoy the forum
  8. I'm running 5 holes on my 8x3 i have 1 hole in the middle for return and then 2 at each end for drains. If you need a hand or any advice on plumbing give me a shout 0400 162 125 thanks James
  9. Hahaha, seems that way! I use coral sand now or calcium carbonate.
  10. Lol you're dead right they're all over priced pieces of rubbish now, only because they have become popular. My mate soent 62k on the new np300 navara stx, sun roof leather all the fancy gear. We went for a week at moreton island in Feb, it done a solinoid on the second turbo, then 2 weeks later done a rear mains, then a gear box seal sat in Nissan's work shoo for 4 weeks waiting for 1 bolt lol. Thanks man the mickey thompson p3's added a nice look to the rig.
  11. I miss mine, had it years ago when i was 20-24 had the na 1.6, which i bolted a small snail to, welded the diff, installed coilovers and took it sliding at archerfield was an absolute weapon. Now i poke around in a 4x4 lol. Very good condition your's is mate, they're like driving a go kart hey?
  12. I'm a fan of the tahitian moon sand but it's a little pricey. I ran it in 1 tank but ten started running the serenity coral sand in 1-2mm, not only does it look good, it's easier to gravel vac then tahitian and buffers the water slightly. It's about $35 for 10kg, no where near as cheap as bunnings play sand or any of that other stuff on the list! if you read up on raw products sold by landscaping outlets you'll see that the sand is natural and is produced from a sand mine. However buying anything like brick laying sand i would be having a good read up as their could be additives in the bags. I go to my local landscap outlet all the time and pick out all different size rocks and add them to my tanks all the time. Just wash and sterilise in boiling water before adding.
  13. Trusty Triton haha! 2.4L diesel turbo with about 6,000psi of boost haha. A regretful buy, went against my rule of no dual cab 4x4 with anything under a 3L engine. Great on road and everyday cruising but terrible when you hit the sand, as i like to do plenty of beach camping it's not a good mix! Deep down i do like like it otherwise 😉.
  14. Hahaha, the cartel always has some sneaky trick up their sleeve!
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