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  1. what sort of fish do you keep?

  2. OK I thought it was her, she is in a community tank with some tetras and I find bubbles/foam on the surface every now and again
  3. Plaster can be used as a mold, I'm thinking of coloured grout so that will become the actual piece and grabs all the detail with the dirt and grit
  4. Been thinking bout it for quite a while
  5. I was thinking of casting, then dropping it to shatter into pieces, then seal all the pieces and reassemble and silicone to the back of the tank
  6. Has anyone ever attempted or thought of a way to make a cast of the ground to use as an aquarium background, I was thinking of giving it a go using either grout or cement and keeping the dirt twigs and bits and pieces it would pick up for that natural look and sealing with a sealer or coat the whole thing in resin, Any thoughts
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  8. I have no problems converting units but was after what ozmo put up, there was a diy fluidized sand filter good for under 100lt so wanted to know measurements, thanks guys, oh and goldenswimmers
  9. I used the glass wipes from supercheap for the outside, that way your not spraying windex
  10. When Americans talk about 50 and 100gallon tanks, what dimensions are they usually talking
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