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  1. Hi, I have had this Oscar for seven years but on Friday he lost aggression for his food and then on Saturday he had no interest. I thought I noticed a bulge where his bum is and also thought his eyes were bulging. The people at the fish store reckon it's pop eye I would probably agree. What do you guys think? I'm currently treating him in a 150L hospital tank with a broad spectrum remedy and salt. The hospital tank has an established filter but I did do a 100% water change on Saturday per the store's advice. I was also recommended Dymax Endo Plex by another store but have not yet switched to using it. Would this be better? Ideas? Thanks
  2. thanks. I have a spare 150L tank so will get that set up and take out some fish. Just have to decide which ones and how to avoid the bullying.
  3. I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean 1 70% to 80% water change per week as opposed to several small water changes per week?
  4. Hi, might tank might be in jeopardy. I have 3 cichlids with one in particular (severum) showing deep holes above their eyes and forehead. I have cut down on feeding and the infected fish are getting vitamin soaked pellets. I know HITH can be due to bad water quality so am considering all possibilities. I have always done 30% per week siphoning the gravel and the water parameters are good however my nitrates have always sit at about 30 (currently trying to reduce). I have 10 fish in a 550L tank which are an oscar, green texas, severum, EBJD, rivulatas, firemouth, convict and 3 SD. The would on the severum's forehead has recently filled with snow white substance that is filling the hole. Does anyone have any advice on this sort of problem? I know the aim is to keep the water quality as clean as possible and the disease I'm battling here is nasty but how many how many water changes per week is considered safe? Would appreciate any adivice
  5. Hi, my rivulatus fish as has been battling an infection for over 3 weeks now and nothing I try seems to work. The fish is in a hospital tank and has been treated with Melafix (first 2 weeks) followed by a week on Pimafix and he is also in salt. I haven't combined Melafix and Pimafix due to fish losses in the past when doing this so thought it would be safer to dose separately. The infection originally was redness and swollen areas where the fin joins the body. But now he also has white fluffy spots at that same spot as well as other spots on his body. There is also redness like pimples popping up on his head. The hole on his right nostril was originally a pimple type growth but cleared up on the melafix to that hole. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. The tank is 550L. I suspected the heater at first so I took it out. I could not see any cracks and he did continue doing circles after the heater was taken out. There is 3 silver dollars, firemouth, convict and an EBJD. His behaviour seems to be calming down (not doing circles) anymore although still a bit erratic. Like he will swim backwards into the glass and then get a fright and splash everywhere. This is not his typical behaviour so I'am still a little concerned.
  7. Hi, I have a 2 year old oscar who has recently started to swim in circles. It started a couple of days ago however yesterday didn't seem to do it, so I thought it may have been a one off. However today he has been doing it almost nonstop. His behaviour is also not normal, he was also sitting in the corner on the bottom off the tank for a little bit which is also unusual for him. I would say he now looks agitated. I have tested the water several times and have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 10-20 ppm nitrates. Does anybody have any ideas about what is wrong with him? Thanks
  8. Do you suggest white cloud minnows and neon tetras over feeder fish? Is this because of diseases they carry? Also I should have mentioned I have a 15cm Oscar in the tank. There isn’t any bullying but if I add small fish would he eat himself sick? Also jabmal do you recommend live brine shrimp? Thanks
  9. .Hi, I've had an Electric Blue Jack Dempsey for over 4 months now and he hasn't once eatin from the surface of the tank. I'm surprised he is still alive. When feeding my silver dollars lettuce shortly after getting him I noticed him picking at the leaves. Since then I have been feeding lettuce 3X per week, so I'm assuming he is living off the lettuce. He has lost most his colour however, and I'm also at a loss as to how to get him to eat regular fish food. Not sure what can be done for this fish but any thoughts or ideas would be appreaciated.
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