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    ID needed please

    What [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] said ^^ Definitely not gambusia. Looking at the clearer two fish on the left (& their reflection more importantly on the water surface above), I'd almost say very juvenile M. duboulayi given the pink area (red spot?) around the gill area & clearly forked caudal fin? What do the 6-7cm fish look like??
  2. Just out of curiosity...& purely playing devil's advocate because I can...& progressively growing tired of [MENTION=17413]Shed100[/MENTION] posts cropping up in every second thread, spruiking for ideas to make a quick buck (despite the alleged not-for-profit societal bent)... [MENTION=17413]Shed100[/MENTION] :- 1. Your dam is removed from any major waterway, on the side of a golf course. I can only imagine that someone has had the good thought to stock this impound with native fish at some stage - not knowing the dam, it's a small miracle that natives have been able to survive there, given it's a pretty much given that some other d***head(s) have likely released exotics into the same impound (& gambusia are probably also present). The fish you've photographed above in your hand, is probably heading towards the year old mark - to get to this point, especially if it has had to battle against exotics, has battled against adversity that you can't fathom. Planning on stripping 20 (or more, per shed member with a trap?), is nothing short of vandalism. 2. Given that these fish are more than likely stocked in your dam - on the side of the golf course - you have no idea where they've actually come from originally. Rainbow enthusiasts tend to keep fish based on specific origin (creek/river/lake), & never the two locations mix, especially if the location is unknown. "Jindalee Golf Course ~ God-only-knows" M. duboulayis are not likely to sell for any more than $2 each to the uneducated...& only after they're bigger & prettier than the one in your hand above, which will take over a year...after over a year's worth of food...& electricity...& water changes...& supplements...$$$ beyond the sell price... 3. Did I mention that anyone who actually wants to keep half a dozen Crimson-spot Rainbows in their aquarium, can legally catch them for free, in most SE Qld waterways, as big as yours above or bigger & better coloured? Sure as hell beats buying them for even 50c each...& at least the collector knows where they hail from! NOTE: Unprovenanced natives at big-box lfs's rarely sell, which is why you never see them amongst the myriad tanks of goldfish & exotics - "XX Golf Course" Rainbows fall into that same category... Just some food for thought...
  3. Do you still keep them, [MENTION=7912]Gumbotron[/MENTION]? Pics?
  4. Am assuming it's the Black Swan Creek just north of Gladstone - [MENTION=1814]Sephiroth[/MENTION]!? Would love to see a decent pic if anyone has one?
  5. I have a single Beamswork 3ft suspended 9 inches above a partitioned 36x15x12 native breeding tank, & haven't had any issues with plant growth so far - including native fissidens & java moss-equivalents. The rack is away from the window as well, so can't take credit for ambient sunlight supplementing the tank, either. Have learnt from experience, though, that once you venture above the 7500k zone (i.e. approaching marine tank lighting up to 10,000k), plants don't fare so well...but the algae certainly does!
  6. A 3ft Beamswork LED (as long as 6500k) should provide adequate light to sustain a planted tank, depending on what plants you're looking at keeping? Some plants are very hardy with lower light requirements...while some require much more lighting?
  7. You're forking out $62 for 2? LED downlights, pulling 50W (is that each, or combined?), punching somewhere between 5800-6200k...with probably more than 5000 hours of conceivable use (maybe a typo on eBay, & should read 50,000 as per the usual LED spiel?)? I'd especially be checking on the hours of use, given it's listed at >5000 hours - even cheap LED's that rank around the $60-$70 mark for 3ft list their usage at anywhere between 25,000-50,000 hours. If you're going to be up for another $62 every 9 months (~5000 hours), then I'd give this one a massive miss...especially if they're both pulling 50W together, let alone 50W each?
  8. Have used quite a bit of the super glue gel in my marine tank over the past few years, for attaching/anchoring - have never had a problem with it.
  9. [MENTION=17237]Andrew1234[/MENTION] - best bet if you're at Ferny Grove would be to head out through Samford Village along Mt Glorious Road & give the South Pine River & associated offshoot creeks a go?
  10. From memory as at about 2 years ago, the creeks around Brookside S/C were so full of swords you could almost walk across the water without getting your soles wet...
  11. Slightly different definition of "feeder fish"
  12. Very keen to hear how you go, [MENTION=7119]joller[/MENTION] - & make sure to post pics!
  13. From experience of wild-caught P. australiensis, most locations I've collected from around Brisbane have had pretty much clear individuals with dark brown stripes. That said, one location on Brisbane's northside throws up a number of sky-blue individuals, which look amazing in the tank & would be well worth line breeding if someone had the time/patience? Very keen to see how you go figuring out the various colour variations
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