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  1. THANKS Mick and Aquatic7 .... good to hear your feedback on it . Will definitely look into ordering some ! Cheers !
  2. Hi , Does anyone know where I can find shrimp snowflake food in Brisbane ? And if people have used or using it .... any good ? Thanks in advance !
  3. Was looking at methods on YouTube of all places !! Once I found my CRS had died, ( pretty sure I got to her pretty soon after I am forever gazing in my tank ) I managed to harvest her eggs ( 12 in total ) from her underbelly keeping the eggs in a shallow bowl of tank water so I would not lose any . I then had my super fine holed shrimp net immersed in the water , positioning it right above where the bubbles rise from my sponge filter . Gently using a syringe, I placed all eggs onto filter wool and covered them up with filter wool . Checking on it daily , did not think it would really work but 2 days later ..... bingo .... currently have had 9 out of 12 shrimplets hatch !
  4. Hi all , wanted to share my success of artificially hatching a dozen eggs retrieved from my dead CRS . Have 6 shrimplets now saved ! Hopefully more to come .... 😜
  5. I started with Red Cherry Shrimp .... as they look great in the tank, busy tank cleaners and are easy to breed . As mentioned above, java moss a must for the shrimplets to hide in and feed from. I found putting in some Indian Almond leaves helped and my red Cherries were breeding like there was no tomorrow . Have a stainless steel guard over my hang on filter ( no accidental sucking up of shrimplets ) and regular 1/4 water changes !! A good LED light too !! Now I have a CRS tank only . This time using Fluval Shrimp Stratum . Love my shrimp . Could watch them all day !! ( well, nearly !! LOL ). GOOD LUCK with your nano tank !
  6. * oops * Should have checked my thread ..... * blood worm 1.5 ft tank !!!! NOT litre !!
  7. Wow, not the usual piece of wedding cake ? LOL . That is a nice original idea ! My daughter has a Betta , I have been feeding it some commercial Betta pellets and dragon fly larvae which happened to show up in my CRS tank and was gobbled up instantly ! I do not feed it live blood word as my LFS told me it causes bloating and GI tract problems . The water changes seem extreme ! I must admit I do often forget to do regular water tank changes for the Betta ( have 3 other tanks up and running ) only change water fortnightly, 1/3 of volume . Have Betta in a 1.5 L tank with light and hang on filter. Also the tank is planted ! I am no expert , but our Betta is facing old age ! Have had it for quite a few years ! Hope your Betta gets better ! Cheers !
  8. @ Lictoga and @Saudma ..... THANK YOU !! All has now been revealed !! No more wracking the brain now !! LOL . Hope you both have a good weekend !!
  9. Hi guys , More than likely an extremely silly question but ....... can someone please tell me what "EOI " stands for in the trading sections and " BUMP " in relation to replies from posted threads !! Thanks
  10. Didn't think of styrofoam .... will definitely try this out ! Thanks for sharing ! Appreciate it ! Know what I will be trying to create this weekend LOL !! Have a good weekend !!
  11. Hi , Can anyone tell me how I might go about making a floating moss ball ? I am finding my java moss a bit messy and out of control ! Am thinking a bio ball, moss covering it and possibly some sort of netting to hold it in place and finally attaching a bit of fishing line to anchor it ? (Assuming it will float of course !!! LOL ) anyone got ideas that will share ?
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