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    I breed wild caught & German line bred Aulonocara.
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    Wild caught Aulonocara
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    breeding Australia's best Aulonocara

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  1. Discs keep popping; no.5 now..... need a new back!

  2. Papa Aulonocara..... grandson born 30 days early in S.A biggest storm.

    Very inconvenient these children of today.

    Mason.... welcome to the fish world.


    1. Donny@ageofaquariums


      Cool as man. Its a bloodline worth sticking with I recon. I'd be flooding the market with them.

  3. Selling pond with install. $500.00 Pond has a tiny hole in edge that has been repaired. Does not leak. Hole dug out. Pipe work for floor drain to external surface. Ready to plug in filter. You are paying for... $100.00 for pond $50.00 for fittings $350.00 for labour. After installation pond will be cleaned and lightly disinfected with chlorine. It will be filled with water and dechlorinated. Will be operational same day. Does not include filtration..... i will include 1 liter of established k1 for quick start up if you have filtration in mind.
  4. Im back. Spent 11 months looking after another persons zoo...... dont do it.

    Site upgrade not too bad..... i like the new colors!

    1. Donny@ageofaquariums


      Scroll to bottom and change theme. Nice to have options. Default is not for me.

  5. Sorry if this ends up on a reply to your post. Not sure how this new thing works. Current pond build. This is the 1st customer who has allowed me to take photos of job; because this one has nothing illegal growing around it lol. 16m2 Monolithic foundation with 640mm high core fill block wall. Estimated around 8,000 liter. EvolutionAqua eazy pod with static k1 and 200 liter overflow box with fluidised k1. 1500mm x 400mm acrylic viewing panel. Under water wall lights and external wall path lights. Awesome job qldaf team.... looks like i can keep updating the post! If you want me to build a pond.... Foundation will require minimum of 7 day settlement before block wall comences. Foundation will require minimum of 21 day settlement before core fill comences. I do not rush pond builds! Most ponds under 20m2 are dug out by hand. Machines destroy the surroundings and the operator will most likely brake something. My ponds are engineered and hardcore! Literally
  6. Donnys shout for blockheads and pizza!
  7. No such thing as A grade or AAAAA anything, a fish is either what its supposed to be or its poor quality... one or the other and thats it.
  8. no, but they will eventually tax you on the rain water you can hold lol
  9. I was told there is a limit..... 10,000 liters gets classed as fish farming, where permits are required. however there are ways around it through different classifications.
  10. Yes the asian trade is what ends up in most chain stores.... and i heard of a local guy who runs a quarantine in brisbane south does the same; Chucks them all in a big pond and lets them go and them just plucks them out to sell to stores.
  11. I'm not interested in selling 1 fish. I sell to people who want an entire display aquarium of them.
  12. Australia has ruined most of the pure strains by improper breeding and lack of knowledge on the genus, (mainly stores have done this) which has turned off quite a few people. If you asked a store about the peacock market they would say it's not that great; however if they actually sold them in the right way it may be a different story. mbuna are at the top of the game with Africans; only due to there abundance and affordability.... and let's not forget..... mbuna are fast growing unlike aulonocara.
  13. I have around 40 customers around Australia waiting for orders atm... so you could say there is a decent market. ..... for quality!
  14. Not one of the bigger markets. When I make a sale people usually buy every species I have. I turn down people all the time due to there main objective of wanting females for breeding.
  15. Finally some good news, im aloud to put a 40ft shipping container on the new property. Using it just for a grow out room.
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