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  1. Nice, I wonder if that's the same species I see in the Nudgee Waterhole reserve - round nests in the sandy shallows every where
  2. I think if I place sponge in chamber 4, that water flow will not pass through the sponge but over it? It's almost like I need to install another baffler to force the water from top to bottom -if that makes sense?
  3. Hello everyone, I've been a long time reader of this forum but haven't really asked any questions before this. The question is in regards to the set of a sump. Aquarium is a AquaOne Aqua Reef 400 running as a freshwater planted tank. I'm having issues with the amount to particles that seem to get recirculated with my current set up. I'm running a 200 micron sock, followed by heater chamber, followed by bakki rods, followed by mini k1 being circulated by air pump and sponge filter and finally the return pump (6000L/hr running at about 4000L/hr) I've also got an internal Otto filter that i thought might help but haunt really (this is inside the main tank and not in chamber 6 as labelled in the first diagram) I've included the diagram of the sump and some photos of what i have tried and a picture of the aquarium showing the fish stock levels. Any ideas what can be changed around in the sump to get better water clarity results?
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