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  1. Watching closely to find GiGi and her "kinky" tail... have you ever come across her in the videos?
  2. Columbian tetra, red eye tetra and cherry barb
  3. I have always wanted to try some balzani in a pond... Maybe you might like to try for me? Hahaha
  4. Sounding like a good list mate biggest issue with port jackson is they will definately need a chiller over qld summers which can get pricey when you inevitabely also need a huge tank for them. They arent as flexible as the bamboo/ epaullettes so ideally need minimum 4ft wide tank and eventually will need larger again. Barra cod do come up... Just need to keep an eye out for them as for eels, zebra and snowflake are the most chilled out but undulated, whitemouth etc are fine in a predator tank. A tesselata would be awesome but unfortunately can be extremely agressive
  5. Hey mate nice looking tank... Heres some suggestions on the fish you have listed: first of all if you like the looks of sharks/ rays i would avoid puffers/triggers and even emperor angels can be an issue as they like to peck at the eyes of benthic species. As said above if keeping pelagic sharks a larger/ circular tank is needed, however a carpet shark such as epaulette or brownbanded bamboo is fine. Good stingray options are bluespot stingrays or mask rays, however these must go into an established tank and they do not handle nitrates well at all, so good nutrient export is essential. Getting them to feed on prepared foods can also be tricky, make sure they are feeding before purchasing them. Tangs can be finnicky and easily stressed in a predator tank so you want to make sure you get ones that can look after themselves. Most of the ones in naso or acantharus families are fine such as: sailfin, lipstick, unicorn, dussemeri, orange shoulder etc. sohal tangs look great but can be very agressive. Even though it is a large tank in terms of water volume most tangs will outgrow it as they are a very active species and need more length than 4 feet. In my opinion fully grown large tangs need closer to 10feet of space. If you are wanting triggers try and get the more peaceful ones such as niger, pinktail and bluejaw. Avoid clowns, picasso or queens. Some other species to look at: threadfin snapper, clown sweetlips, red breated maori wrasse, cheeklined maori wrasse, french angel, painted lobster... Too many options to list haha.
  6. Start with leather, morphs or anything in euphyllia family aka hammers, frogspawn and torches... Still require a level of care but is a good starting place
  7. atleast nobody decided to go for a swim downstream also
  8. What siE tank? / what stocking you got?
  9. Have always been a laguna man but im loving fluval pumps... Made by the same people as the fluval pumps (hagen) and have the same build quality/ reliability... but sitting at a better price point. Still has a good warranty, head height and low power consumption that you have come to expect of laguna as well.
  10. Cant really over do it in termsof size. If it was mine i would have a 4x2 sump
  11. Yep mine used to do that to my pbass ended up getting rid of it for that reason
  12. Yer he has plenty of hidey holes this photo was taken just after the fish were introduced so he hadnt found his hidey hole yet haha...and the whiskers should grow back over time
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