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  1. hello do you have any CRS for sale at the moment ?-- I just bought four juvies from someone and they look lonely in the three foot tank I have set up. please let me know asap or if you know of someone with quality for sale.

  2. hello all --- I bought some Parrot cichlids last Saturday night at the auction held at Virginia School and would like to get in touch with the seller ---- I would like to know if you have any more and where you are located.
  3. I have large red devils and tried to do planter boxes with gravel and a layer of mesh to hold plants in ---- but if the fish don't remove the gravel they will just flick the plants with their tails or drag the plants out. I tried the idea of tying or even super glue the plants Java fern and Anubias to rocks and logs --- some have survived. good luck.
  4. I always have trouble sexing "L" series ---- does she have a male friend?
  5. he is beautiful --- does he often come out of hiding? and how old is he?
  6. if you have some already just put some in a mesh covered shallow container in a sunny place and you will soon be wanting to get rid of some.
  7. sorry Donny --- not sure about faster, but about same size. Are the original native colours/type larger and they produce dwarfism when colour mutated?
  8. you guys are right you do get a lot of native coloured shrimp ---- but I did get 6 of the ones in the attached ---- strange thing is that they look green/clear most of the time. very poor quality video taken on an old mobile phone, the only one I have. I have now separated these blues and will hopefully get more and very few throw backs to native or blacks or reds. MOV057_zpssvxigds4.mp4 Video by BloodBrother58 | Photobucket
  9. .hello everyone --- I have a question from a neighbour of mine whom has an icb or ibc tank not sure how to spell it ---- he has jade perch of breeding size and would like to know if anyone can advise what has to be done to breed this species?
  10. hello --- could I get more info --- like where and when --- what type of bait do we use --- do I just go to the link --- and do I need a freshwater fishing permit?
  11. are they edible? ---- I just googled a picture of tilapia and chips --- so that answers that question.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. hello everyone --- I need help with the selection of a air pump --- any ideas on which one is the quietest to run about 8 internal foam aerators.
  14. thanks for replies --- I am now wiser ---- i think sometimes it would be quicker and cheaper to just buy the colour that I'm looking for --- but where is the fun in that ---- I also keep/breed birds so I like to feel like god or a mad scientist sometimes.
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