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  1. So basically by breeding the offspring with the most desired traits back to the parents?
  2. Thats kinda what i got from the net, but again i couldn't find anything that says for sure.
  3. I was just curious on how these particular fish were bread. From what I have researched they come from calicos or albinos but I can not find a definite answer. I know some people here in Aus are trying to breed them I was just wondering how.
  4. Getting a Jungle Perch soon and wanting to put it onto pellets straight away. My plan is to feed it bloodworm, brine shrimp, live shrimp and some sort of pellet. My question is what sort of pellet would be best for this fish. It will be about 4cm so the pellets will have to come in a very small size. Cheers
  5. Hey guys i've got a colony of 2 males and 5 females with all of them being around the 10-13cm mark and I was wondering what they would be worth. Cheers
  6. Thanks guys. Got a trio 8-9cm had them for about a year when they were 3-4cm so may be a little off still.
  7. Hey guys just wondering what sort of size L134s have to be for breeding. Cheers
  8. Sounds like you have everything sorted out then so good luck!
  9. Yeah it definitely seems like they're going to have enough places to hide and i'd also start thinking about feeding now as the fry are going to have to contest with whatever other fish are in the tank as well.
  10. Your tank looks to have a fair amount of cover but id say youll still lose a few from being eaten. I would recommend looking at getting a fry saver just to grow them bit but it could be difficult to remove the fry since they didn't breed in a cave.
  11. Hard to tell from your pics but if the eggs are orange then they're fertilised and most likely healthy they look to be pretty good but only you can really tell.
  12. Damn if only i had known hours earlier just had an order shipped this afternoon from you
  13. They are made of shrimp and yeah i figured there will always be a bit of protein but was looking for a wafer better suited to the Panaque genus which mainly feeds on wood and sometimes algae and therefore doesnt need much protein in their diet.
  14. Thinking i might add wardleys shirmp pellets for protein pellets. Are there any algae wafers that are just wood and vegetable matter with no or little protein in them?
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