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  1. Hi mate 

    Would you consider a swap for a top of the line professional Kayak .. comes with all the bells and whistles paid nearly $4000 have used once .. GPS and Electric motor still never used.

    Currently wanting close to $2000 but i want a 6ft so will consider straight swap .. see below 








  2. well what is another way of doing it? I used to have tubs that I would put the water into along and I it with hot water from the tap. but I stopped as i was told that the copper will have a bad affect on the fish.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. the we're getting g smashed and also the level of tank water was dropped really low
  4. sump is pretty much drained completely.
  5. how many tanks do you have? and how many water changes a week do you do?
  6. Hey Guys So I have trialed different methods of doing my water changes over the years and I am still tweaking the way/s of doing them. I have tried finding other posts on here related to water changes but haven't come across anything about methods. so I thought I would see what other people do when it comes to their water changes. I run a 6 x 2hx1.5w tank with a sump roughly 100 ltr sump underneath. My current method of water change is as follows. 1. Turn off the power to the tank with just the lights left running. the water drains from the tank and fills the sump as high as the drains in the tank allow it. usually it gets close to full. 2. I use a small pump to pump the water from the sump out to the garden. 3. I don't have a rainwater tank so I then use the hose from the tap on the house to fill the sump back up to just above where the water stopped when the tanks was drained. (before the sump is filled I let the hose run for about 1 minute before it goes into the sump) 4. I use Prime in the sump water, and using the small pump I used to drain the tank I circulate the water through my sump for about 20 minutes. The heater is running at this stage so the water is usually heated up before it gets pumped back up into the main tank. 5. After the water has cycled the sump for about 20 to 30 minutes I put the power back on and pump it back up into the main tank, add stability and wait for it to settle again that night. I'm just wondering what other peoples methods are when it comes to changing there tank water. Post how you do your water changes, both town water and rainwater methods. that way we can all use each others ways and maybe end up finding a better way. Cheers
  7. Yeah I have 10 litres in there. I think it is getting better. I will be stirring it up with a wooden spoon to help cycle it around. I have some old media that has been in there for 2 years that is well seeded .
  8. hey guys. so I have changed the media over. I am running the boss bio media in the first bay. it all seems to be sitting at the top of the water and piling up. I have 2 pipes that have the water coming from the main tank into the sump and the water is pushing the bio media down and then at just slowly builds up on the walls. j have 2 air bars under neath it as well but they don't seem to be doing much. just wondering if the k1 media takes a few days or hours to settle and start to rotate through my sumo filter bay constantly????
  9. so having an air bar in the sump with the k1 will be oxygenation the tank? also just want to clarify that I have the filtration around the right way with the k1 going to japmat and cotton mat, through to matrix and then through the purigen?
  10. I will be dropping in, in the next couple of weeks. Thanks.
  11. I also have a questions about airating the water. I don't currently have a pump with air going into my tank. I have a wave maker that moves the top of the water giving some bubbles but not many. I do t really want to have an air stone visible in my tank either so I was wintering if i can have one in my sump. also what have other people used to put oxygen in their display tanks without making it look amateur
  12. get some clown loaches. they will smash the snails. and no chemicals
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