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  1. livefish.com.au are taking expressions of interest for people wanting to buy lungfish...I caught a few in brissie river..should have kept and bred them..strange they won't let you...the biggest one I caught was about 1/2 mtr
  2. I was given advice from a long time breeder not to use pumpkin because it fowles the tank and stick to zucinni/lettuce(remove within 24hrs).if you do use pumpkin,or even cucumber,remove it within a few hours to prevent these problems.Some fish are an exception because some fish wait for the veg's to break down before consuming them..experience comes at a cost
  3. helped set up a shed for tafe,loosing air was a major problem(no power)We stared with air bottles,but with nobody there on weekend,ran out.Ended up using a dialup modem(texted whoever was on standby) when power dropped out.air cylinders kicked in then pressure switch kicked in battery /inverter,for emergency air until someone turned up..We where breeding highly stocked barramundi breeding tanks.Loose air loose everything!
  4. with aquaponics you need to have about 4 x surface area of tanks,so to be affective on nitrates you need a lot of plants and a fairly large plant bed..remember also about carsonagenic medicines you may use on fish..not great to eat!I'm setting up a system where I isolate any tanks with medicine..remember you can't eat any fish medicated with most medicines..same goes with plants..something to chew on:?:Because I have heated fish room and controled lighting,I am designing an overhead aquaponic flow thru system for seedlings ..would be great if I could I could grow out a few zuccini..catfish have a big appetite!
  5. I built a pond similar to yours with a hoop pine tree similar distance from pond...Roots from tree caused no end of problems,cracking cement..this was seasonal as ground shrunk and swelled..!!trees affected other plants I landscaped with...just an observation!good luck
  6. sometimes if you move catfish,you may find they stop breeding.......maybe indefinately..if it ain't broken..!!!
  7. Stevens my name, fairly new to breeding...2yrs.....looking for other breeders to comunicate with in the area.Breeding electric yellows,and starting on some angels..back yard shed operation.Looking to sell fish eventually,have contacts in industry.Give me us buzz,if interested in sharing ideas..
  8. I have got a 7.5 mtr ins container high cube that's been running for 18 months ..it stays quite cool,when it warms up,I leave the doors open,and I have installed a window where the a/c was,about 2x1mtr.To heat I use an oil bar heater,it dries out any humidity works great.Have got a 40' insulated container setting up for growout.Will be using an a/c for it.I will post some pics next time ....had some issues with neighbours calling council,so we used proper footings so we can have it certified if it goes any further.A highcube container is way better for height and climate control..we have a ceiling fan for air circulation..can't fit in other container..ceiling to low..Another thing to consider is tank sizes..We have three rows..can get a bit squeezy,and we use 300mm deep tanks..insulated containers are narrower than standard units..Another thing is they are fibreglass construction,and will probably leak,may need a roof.The floors are slotted steel with 30mm gaps..I used 16 mm 2.4x1.2 mtr film ply boards to line floor..seems to take weight of racks,but use 75mm plate under feet of rack .need more suggestions call...I am building a contaner home next year as well...love 'em
  9. when I've had the side of my fish chewed out,the only saviour II have found is melatite blue....also great for eggs...stains everything ,but glass clears after a while...
  10. hi dfish keeper....will contact u soon ..waiting for responce from wholesaler to lock in deal..happy to bring people like yourself on board . regards steven
  11. .will be breeding electric yellow /blues(80 females of each..14 males),and veil tail angels..must be a bit special (4 pair)Will be doing in line breeding also..But looking for the best to start with..any professional assistance appreciated..Ta!
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