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  1. I bought a 2.6kg Keg King about 9 months ago and it's been great. My only warning would be that you need to make sure there are no holes or cracks anywhere in you system. And that adding co2 means you will now have plants growing super fast and using up nutrients that need to be supplemented
  2. I get my co2 filled at a dive shop in Morningside and they have replaced the o - rings for free. Edit: it's called Ozaquatec
  3. Has anyone been using the Worx LED lights for an extended period?
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  5. Have you got any fish in there yet? If you do and they aren't sticking to the surface and gulping for breath (because the water at the top will have less co2) I wouldn't worry about the drop checker. I know 30ppm is the recommended level but I have run way higher than that by accident and the fish didn't seem to notice. I was probably wasting co2 but it takes a fair bit to gas fish. I did also find out that you can use co2 to fix a snail problem, enough co2 will make them climb up the glass to the very top where you can scoop them out...
  6. I read somewhere that magnesium and calcium can help with stopping stems from rotting. I tried it and it has worked but I did also change my lights so I can't be sure that it was the fertz alone
  7. ADA is apparently going to be setting up the biggest nature aquarium ever... ADA starting work on the largest Nature Aquarium in the world
  8. I also have a 4x2x2 and I've recently had to rip out a couple of swords because they got massive! I bought them when I first started the tank so I didn't really have any idea how big they could get. They look cool but they blocked out light from a fair portion of the tank so it became a problem for the pygmy chain carpet. Also, the roots were staunch and made a hell of a mess. Good luck!
  9. Have never used Macropore but Purigen has worked for me on a couple of different tanks
  10. That sounds like a great idea to me I have previously used ista snail traps but I need heaps for my 4ft tanks.
  11. Yeah if your gonna try a nice high tech tank I would save up and do it properly. Planning everything before hand will make life much easier. Good luck!
  12. Have you tried adding calcium and magnesium. I can't remember exactly which one was recommended to me but it did seem to reduce the number of rotten stems I would get (I was getting rotten stems even when I was not trimming)
  13. If you want to go down the co2 road (and it really is good fun) you are gonna need some good lights. I use LED flood lights but I would highly recommend Finnex Ray2 on Amazon.
  14. You won't need co2 or fertilizer. It's only really worth it if you have medium to high light. The t8 light will give you very low light so if you add co2 it won't help very much. Some basic fertz such as Seachem comprehensive should be fine.
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