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  1. Hey Guys, lately i've notice my 2 peacock bass cleaning one of the flat rocks in the tank and I thought they might be breeding. A couple days later and ive noticed about 200 little eggs on the rock. please help I need to know what to do. Do I take them out of the tank? Will the parents eat them? What to feed them,how when etc?
  2. Thanks guys, is there any other fish I can add and will tinfoils eat pellets and stay away from my plants?
  3. Hey guys so I've had my 2 pbass (20-25cm) for about 3 months now and they are really shy. It took about 2 weeks to get them hitting pellets. Whenever anyone walks by the tank they go crazy and bolt to other end of the tank smashing their head on the glass.
  4. Sorry Guys for hijacking the thread but Donnie's inbox seems to be full, Do you by any chance sell API master kit test tubes because I keep on breaking the dam things (don't know why they are not made of plastic) or know where I can get some?
  5. Haha will do! although I totally suck at using them lol.
  6. looks great! Are reef tanks hard to setup and maintain?, I've always wanted to start a reef tank but never got around to it. Maybe one day Ill make a bedside nano tank
  7. Yeah, the Jardinis are more aggressive but having caught them before up the cape and seeing their beautiful colours it has been a goal of mine for multiple years to keep one .
  8. Thanks for the reply as for now Im just looking for peoples opinions. When my saratoga arrives Ill try and get a jungle perch or two and see how they go if they are brought up together but you never know the saratoga might grow up and be an aggressive killer like some are. I remember buying a tank on gumtree and the guy had a saratoga in a 6x40cmx2 lwh tank and it was like 12 years old and the thing was so cramped it had major gill curl but it was so peaceful the tank was filled with several gouramis and it wouldn't eat them. Somehow it was a vegetarian to!
  9. Hey Guys, I haven't been on the forum for a couple months but just recently I got my 7x3x2 foot tank made and I'm looking for some fish to stock it with (the main idea was always to have a jardini). So I was wondering if jungle perch would go all right with a Jardini and 2 Pbass, with lots of hiding spots of course but anyway the tank is coming along nicely and the next step is cladding the stand and possibly building a hood. The tank is currently only stocked with 9 platies(as feeders) and 1 Pleco (who never comes out and is always hiding under a piece of driftwood).
  10. Yeh Im going to see if I can get some building and moving quotes from brissy tomorrow.
  11. I agree the only problem is custom tank builders in Cairns quote crazy amounts for anything bigger than 2ft wide. I was quoted $2300 for an 8x2.5x2 recently.
  12. I was wondering if anyone had attempted this and was it effective. I think it looks like a bit of a hassle to setup and clean? Id rather just gravel vac.
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